PIRATED 20130912 2010

PIRATED 20130912 2010

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Create product or service quotes for contacts or accounts using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Then, use these quotes as the basis for orders and invoices. If you create a quote from an opportunity, you can see the quotes for different opportunities for the same account or contact in one place. Creating a quote this way lets you see the complete history of quote revisions for any particular opportunity, contact, or account.

Most sales transactions include a standard process of sharing information between your organization and your customer. The first step in this process is to create a quote. Here is the typical process from generating a quote to complete a sale.  Refer below figure.

  1. Create quote. Create a quote from an opportunity to track all associated quotes, orders, and invoices for any related account or contact. Quotes can have revisions, so you can track the negotiations with your customer.
    1. Add pricing and discounts to the quote. Reflect the product, service, or price options.
    2. Send the quote to the customer.
    3. Revise the terms of the quote, when you and the customer agree on the terms of the quote.
  2. Create order. Convert the quote to an order when you and the customer agree upon the terms.
    1. Add product order information.
    2. Add pricing and shipping information.
    3. Send the order to the customer.
  3. Create invoice. Convert a quote to an invoice when the order is partially or totally fulfilled.
    1. Prepare using the terms of the order.
    2. Send the invoice to the customer.
  4. Close invoice. Close the invoice when one of the following happens:
    1. The customer has paid for the order and the product has been delivered.
    2. The customer cancels the order.

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