When trying to connect to the domain on the configured Active Directory Management Agent, receiving error failed-connection Error Code 9506

To reproduce the error:

1.      In the ADMA properties

2.      Configure Directory Partitions step

3.      Click Containers

ADMA Containers Credentials Dialog.png 

4.      Enter credentials for the ADMA account

5.      Receive a Connection Log dialogue

Status:  failed-connection


Error Code:  9506



Confident that it wasn't a firewall issue or an issue with permissions, since we would have expected a different and more descriptive error message in these instances.

1.      Used the nltest command to get a list of domain controllers

nltest /dsgetDC:<domain name> 

2.      Received an error:

Getting DC name failed:  Status = 9506 0x2522 (null)

3.      Use nltest command on the FIM Server with the /dsgetsite parameter

nltest /server:<FIM_SyncServerName> /dsgetsite

4.      Returned the site where the FIM Sync Server is expecting the DC to reside

5.      Found the DC for this domain was not a part of this site

6.      Added the DC to this site

7.      Connection was successful