Booting Windows CE with USB

Booting Windows CE with USB

I have seen a number of posts asking about "How to Boot Windows CE with USB?"; even I searched for it when I wanted to boot my Pentium IV machine with Windows CE 6.0! After so much of efforts of both of us (my manager and me), my manager came up with a way to boot WinCE with USB and whoa! it worked!! And since then, working on WinCE driver went on smoothly.
Yesterday I saw a post on MSDN asking the same question and felt it is worth to post the Solution on my blog.
NB: This post takes Windows CE 6.0 as a reference. The location of boot files might not be same in Win CE 5.0 and Win EC7, but it's easier to find them!!
However, I have tested this method on Windows CE 5.0, 6.0 and Windows EC7 and it works well.
So, here it goes...
  • Softwares needed: VFD(Virtual Floppy Drive), winb98se.IMA ( and HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. A quick Google search makes this all available.

  • Get a 1/2/4 GB USB Mass Storage device.

  • Ensure that "Hidden Files" and "Protected Operating System Files" are set to "Visible" in the "Folder Options".

This is a two step process:

Step 1: Creating a Virtual Floppy Drive

  • Download the from Extract it.

  • Download from and extract it to get winb98se.IMA.
  • Run “vfdwin.exe” as administrator to install and start the Virtual Floppy driver.

  • Click on Open/Create. When prompted for Image File, Browse to “boot98se\winb98se.IMA” and click “Open”.

  • Again click “Open” in “Open Virtual Floppy Image” window.

  • Note the “Drive Letter” in “VFD Control Panel” window. Say for Example B:

  • If “Drive Letter” is not set, set it to A:,B: etc. from the options in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Making the USB Flash Drive as bootable

  • Install “SP27608-2.1.8.exe” program (HP USB Disk Storage format Tool). Select your USB stick from the “Volume Label” option.

  • Check the box saying “Create a DOS startup disk”. When prompted for DOS system files, Browse to the Virtual Floppy Drive (B: for Ex.). Click “Start”.

  • After Format is done, copy all files from “(C:\WINCE600\PLATFORM\CEPC\SRC\BOOTLOADER\DOS\BOOTDISK” to USB stick.

  • Copy HIMEM.sys file, into the USB disk from the virtual floppy drive.

  • Copy the NK.bin file to the USB disk.
  • Boot the CEPC. It should come up!!
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