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This page is gathering all blogs that are posting about FIM 2010.

The focus of this list is any blog regularly posting about:
  • Anything touching FIM 2010, FIM 2010 R2 or next versions
  • Any FIM feature or modules
    • FIM Sync, FIM Portal
    • GALSync
    • BHOLD,
    • FIM reporting,
    • CM, CLM,
    • Dirsync, O365...
  • or any earlier version including ILM, MIIS or Microsoft Identity management in general)
Please add any blogs you find useful as reference.

Microsoft Product Team blogs


Microsoft Technet Blogs


Microsoft MSDN Blogs

Other (alphabetical)




Thomas Vuylsteke

Assurances in Identity

Marc Mac Donell


Paul Loonen


Joe Zamora


Pieter de Loos

1dent1ty cHa0s

Brad Turner

Identity Notes

Jeremy Palenchar

Identity Management Crisis

Henrik Nilsson

Identity Management at CERN

Paolo Tedesco

Identity Management Explorer  

Soren Granfeldt

Identity Trench

Craig Martin

Identity Underground

Peter Geelen

IdM for Real

Bob Bradley aka FIMBob


Naohiro Fujie

ILM Best Practices

David Lundell

Jorge 's Quest For Knowledge!

Jorge de Almeida Pinto

Just IDM

Peter Stapf

Kloud Solutions


Lost and Found Identity's blog

Dmitry Kazantsev


Carol Wapshere


Almero Steyn


Issam Andoni



Paul's Digital Lounge and Cigar Bar

Paul Adare

CM/CLM Troubleshooting  


Other Feeds


Archives (not updated since a year)


FIM Communities

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