TechNet Guru Contributions - May 2013

TechNet Guru Contributions - May 2013

May 2013 is over. Find the most recent competitions here: TechNet Guru Contributions
The results are in for May : TechNet Guru Awards - May 2013


If you contribute any new code, or solutions to problems in the following categories, please add your content (that you write for a Forum or Blog) to TechNet Wiki, and then add a link to your TechNet Wiki article below, to let us know.

This is a TechNet Wiki awards program, so we only want WIKI LINKS for articles created in MAY, not old, external, forum or gallery links. If you have already made a contribution on the forums or gallery, simply copy it into the wiki and reference the original article, like shown here.
One winner in each category will be selected each month for glory and adoration by the MSDN/TechNet Ninjas and community as a whole.
This includes a dedicated blog post in the Wiki Ninjas blog, a tweet from the Wiki Ninjas Twitter account, an announcement on your forum, and other acknowledgement from the community.

Winners will be voted on by five judges. The judges consist of 3 TechNet Wiki Community Council members and 2 Microsoft Employee SMEs (Subject Matter Experts -usually the people making the technologies). The judges will be looking for articles that are thorough, technically accurate, visually clear (images might help, but aren't necessary), and well written. (Any community member can help with the "technically accurate" part by reviewing the articles below and either fixing inaccuracies in the article or commenting on them--asking questions or suggesting fixes.) The articles must be written in May 2013 and must be in English. However, the original blog or forum content can be from before May. Make sure you aren't taking credit for someone else's content (you have to be the author of the original content and of the Wiki article). The categories listed are targeted to the most popular forums/technologies and ones that we are able to support. We will add more categories as we go (please don't add more categories, instead, leave a comment at the bottom to suggest a new category).

How to Enter

1) Create a new TechNet article


A) Log into TechNet/MSDN with your Microsoft credentials
B) Add your content as an article to TechNet Wiki:

If you are copying and pasting your MSDN/TechNet forum solutions over to TechNet Wiki, please give some introduction to the problem, make sure your steps are clear, and then link to the original forum post. You can also paste in your blog posts (rather than forum content).

2) Tell us about it

To add a link to your article:
A) Log into TechNet with your Microsoft credentials
B) Click the "Edit" tab, above this article title, and copy in the URL to your TechNet Wiki article into the appropriate section.


Contributions for May in the Sections Below...

NOTE: These MUST be TechNet Wiki articles, and they MUST be written in May 2013.

Visual C#

The TechNet Guru May competition is announced in this Visual C# forum thread.

SharePoint 2010

The TechNet Guru May competition is announced in this SharePoint forum thread and also in this SharePoint forum thread.


The TechNet Guru May competition is announced in this T-SQL forum thread.

Visual Basic

The TechNet Guru May competition is announced in this Visual Basic thread.

Windows Phone

The TechNet Guru May competition is announced in this Windows Phone thread.
More technology categories to come in the future. You can suggest more categories in the comments below. We're currently considering Windows Store Apps, Small Basic, BizTalk, SSAS, SSRS, SSIS, and WPF.  

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