Table of Contents

Using the Editor

(Thanks to Kalman Toth for these instructions.)

Use the Forum Editor method to Insert Image:

1. Save the image to disk

2. Use the Insert Image (right most) icon to upload the image


Using HTML

(Thanks to Todd McDermid for this tip.)

  1. Copy your screen to the clipboard (ALT-PRTSCN) (alternatively, some image editors can do screen captures)
  2. Paste it in your favourite image editor
  3. Upload it to a free image hosting site like Flickr, ImageShack, ...
  4. Create your post, then press the "HTML" button on the post toolbar.  This will open another browser window with HTML in it.
  5. Find the spot where you want the image, and add a standard IMG element, pasting in the URL to your image, like this:
    <img src="">
  6. Press the Update button.