Microsoft had released the Windows Phone 8 SDK last September which allows the Windows Phone developers to target the app for the Windows Phone 8 and utilize the features of Windows Phone 8 in their app.

Currently, the developers can build the native Windows Phone 8 app using C# or Visual Basic .NET.

How about another language which can help the developers build Native Windows Phone 8 App?

We have Oxygene.NET which can be used for developing native Windows Phone 8 App as well :)

What is Oxygene.NET?

Oxygene.NET is a programming language that is developed by RemObjects Software for Microsoft’s CLR Infrastructure. Oxygene is a programming language based on Object Pascal which means the existing Delphi or object Pascal based language developers might find it easy to develop applications targeting .NET framework, Windows Store App, Windows Phone App etc. using Oxygene.NET.

Oxygene supports full integration in to Visual Studio 2012 and previous version of Visual Studio.

Oxygene.NET is a commercial product which is available from RemObjects Oxygene’s product webpage

A free command line compiler is also available for download.

Source : My Blog post series on Oxygene and Windows Phone 8