What are the sizing recommendations for the search databases?

This page refers to SharePoint 2013 Search and the required databases.

Session SPC172 from the SharePoint 2012 Conference presented a nice table outlining the database sizing requirements.


DB Scaling​ Dsik IOPS​ Disk Size​ 10M​ 100M

​One DB per 20M items

SQL IOPS: 10 per 1 DPS

​Med/High Med​

​15GB data

2GB log

​110GB data

50GB log


​One DB per 60M items

SQL IOPS: 10 per 1M items

​Med ​Med

​10GB data

0.1GB log

​80GB data

5GB log

​Analytics ​Split when reaching 100-300GB ​Med ​Med ​Usage dependent

​Usage dependent

​Search admin ​One DB ​Low Low​

​.4GB data

1GB log

​1GB data

2GB log