Internet Explorer might became slow, crash or show errors due to add-ons that been installed. If you encourage any problem in Internet Explorer, it is good idea to check add-ons and check and see whether add-ons cause problem or not. To do that firstly run Internet Explorer in no add-ons mode. In this mode no add-on would load, follow steps below:

1)Windows XP: Open Start and Programs/All Programs -> Accessories ->System Tools and click on Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)

2)Windows Vista/Windows 7: Open Start and search for “Internet Explorer” (without quotations) and open Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)

3)Windows 8: In Start screen click on Internet Explorer or search for Internet Explorer and open it. By default Internet Explorer App will open and it won’t load any add-ons except for Flash Player. Not that Internet Explorer should be default browser.

If you run Internet Explorer without add-on and problem doesn’t reproduce (Internet Explorer opens fast, there wasn’t any error, etc.), then you will know that once or more of your add-ons cause this issue. In order to troubleshoot this issue open Internet Explorer normally (in Windows 8 open from Desktop) and in click tools->Manage Add-ons and disable all of your add-ons and close Internet Explorer and open it again and from Manage Add-ons , enable your Add-ons one by one to check which one cause crash or error.

Once you find the add-on or add-ons that cause problem, do a quick search and look for its publisher and check for update or work ground or contact their support. In other case, you might consider to uninstall it from Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

Internet Explorer 9 and later versions comes with Add-on advisor that if there is any add-on that cause performance issue like slow browsing, it will notify you to disable it. In case that add-on cause crash, please make sure to send report (if it been asked you to do so) for future investigation on error and the result would directly display to you in Windows XP, in case it is available or it will display in Problems and Solutions Center in Windows Vista or Action Center in Windows 7 and Windows 8 whenever solution become available , if the solution wasn’t present at the moment.