TechNet Guru Contributions

TechNet Guru Contributions

What this Competition is About?

Starting from May 2013TechNet Wiki is looking for and celebrating the best of the best!

Is that you? Do you consider yourself an expert, or authority in the technology of your choice?

Show us your forum solutions and become MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY GURU OF THE MONTH!

This is an official Microsoft TechNet recognition program, where people such as yourselve can get the recognition they deserve for the time given to the community.

If you spend any amount of time crafting an awesome answer to a forum question, then why not get the most back for your efforts by posting it to TechNet Wiki.  

List of Existing (past and present) Competitions



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  • Is this going on for another month or two? I will try and submit an article after I figure what is wrong with my project.

  • Yes, there is currently July contest and I hope it will continue in next months also. Please check the links at the top of the article

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  • This is what i wanted !!! Rather than saying consolidation of winners , its a consolidation of good articles ..thanks Naomi .....

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