BHOLD SP1 - Users are getting added to other user's personal roles


When you create a user in BHOLD this user is getting added to an existing user personal role. This raises a security concern.


"Jane Smith" has a personal role of "PR-Jane Smith" which was created by BHOLD when her account was created. Another employee named "Jane Taylor" who has a personal role of "PR-Jane Taylor" gets married and changes her last name to "Smith". BHOLD, then adds Jane Taylor now Jane Smith to the personal role of "PR-Jane Smith"

Customer has security concerns and would like to turn off this functionality.


There is no functionality to turn off the creation of personal roles in BHOLD.


We advise customers to make sure the value of User Description is unique – a common approach would be to suffix the user's name with an Employee ID, such as "Jane Smith (989737)". In doing so, the issue of a user getting the wrong personal role is mitigated.

More Info:

There is no functionality that would rename a personal role if the user's description changes, and so we advise customers to manually rename personal roles if and when the user's description changes. This would also involve deleting the newly created (empty) personal role.