The Microsoft Community Contributor Award is changing! Again!?

The Microsoft Community Contributor Award is changing! Again!?

Hello All,

As suggested by Ed, to have more information about the Microsoft Community Award: please read it on my blog:


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  • I wasn't paying attention, but I checked and I was last awarded in early January. I was not awarded in April, but my profile still shows MCC. Thanks for checking this out.

  • Yeah, even the mine is still avialable on my profile.. Hope the next version will be a "killer" :^)

  • Gokan, this article will likely need to change. I'll probably need to change it over time in order to "save" it (make sure it doesn't get deleted). This belongs on a blog instead. Or you could blog this on the TNWiki blog and include more links to the existing MCC articles on TechNet Wiki.

    But as it stands, it breaks the guidelines of using an objective third person voice, like the tone and objective perspective you might see on Wikipedia. So I suggest copying it into a blog so that you can have your original personality preserved on that blog post.

  • I've done it Ed ! Thanks for the remark..

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