Your Votes for Featured Articles

Your Votes for Featured Articles

This article can be used to nominate English articles to be featured on the first page.  See this blog by Ed Price about joining the team of people responsible for featured articles selection process.

I suggest to list your nominations for the week of Monday, June 17, 2013 - Sunday, June 23, 2013 bellow, so we can get first votes here and then proceed with the main page which is very long:

If we want to nominate May 2013 Guru contributions winners to be featured on the first page, then my question is - how many articles can be featured at once?

How about - first week - all 1st places articles
Next week - all second place artiels
Third week - all third place articles
Following week - all other articles that were competing.

What do you think about this idea?

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  • We will not have duplicate efforts. We will not maintain two articles for this purpose. This is not an official article. The original article and nomination process still stands. But Naomi can maintain this article for her own tracking and notes if she chooses.

  • I suggest to abandon the original article. I can not navigate in it or tract the nominees. Say, do you see my new nomination? Is it easy to nominate?

    I suggest to add articles for voting process

  • Naomi, you'll need to follow the existing process:

    Please read about it and decide if you'd like to join us.

    I like your idea about featuring the TechNet Guru winners. I'll start that now! Thanks!

  • What do you think of using my article for preliminary votes before updating the main article? I want my articles to generate lots of views - this may be a good way of achieving that.

  • Naomi,

    We can use your article to track the voting that our Featured Article Team decides on. Sort of like minutes or notes from our meetings? That might be good.

  • Sounds great.

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