[Reference] Quick Guide to installing BHOLD Core

[Reference] Quick Guide to installing BHOLD Core


The purpose of this document is to provide an installation companion document to installing BHOLD Core, with the goal of simplifying the installation.

Log on to a Domain Controller as Domain Admin and create the following:

1. Create a group: “BHOLDApplicationGroup”
2. Create a user:
       a. Full Name: “BHOLD Core Service Account”
       b. SAMAccountname: b1user
       c. Select “User cannot change password” and “Password never expires”
       d. Add this user to the following groups:
             i. IIS_IUSRS
             ii. BHOLDApplicationGroup

On the BHOLD Server allow b1user to log on as a service:

1. In Local Security Policy -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment -> Log on as a Service
       a. Right click -> Properties
       b. Add User or Group -> “b1user”

BHOLD Core Installation:


Note: “Use Security Provider on Domain/Machine” is a pointless checkbox. Leave it checked or the installation will fail.


Note: "Use integrated Security" should be checked if using Windows Authentication to connect to SQL.  If using SQL Authentication, uncheck the box.

"Make restrictions for this database user" is a pointless check box.  Leave it checked.

Click "Next" and "Install".

And we're done! 
Click the desktop icon following the installation or navigate to http://<server name>:5151/BHOLD/core. 


  • If you are using a Firewall see Post Installation 1. 
  • If you get an HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error, see post installation 2.


Post Installation (If needed):

1. Allow 5151 (port specified during install) through Firewall if enabled.
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
New Inbound Rule
Allow connections for port 5151 over TCP
Name "Permit incoming connections to BHOLD core"
Enable 32-bit application support for BHOLD core
Open IIS Manager
Application Pools
Right click "CoreAppPool" and go to Advanced Settings
Ensure "Enable 32-bit Applications" = True

You should now be able to browse the BHOLD core site by clicking the icon created on the desktop during installation or navigating to http://<serverName>:5151/BHOLD/core

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