In lots of cases a SharePoint administrator or SharePoint Developper can’t touch other business needed applications.
Therefore at (y)our corporate we have System Administrators who can do a lot of more than us. They can manage a Citrix environment, manage System Center or even consider Lync users.

The case

At our corporate we have +/- 15 SharePoint Developers and 3 SharePoint Administrators and all of us need our own Sandbox. It’s not “strange” if a developper asks a new Virtual Machine cause his project is finished and wants to start his new project with a new Virtual Machine.
If you don’t want to lose a couple of hours by installing SharePoint, Configuring it … You have to automate this process.
Therefore our corporate we are using System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 for deploying new Virtual Machines.

What was the problem?

I followed a small Step by Step to create a new virtual machine but I got an error! It wasn’t a correlation ID but a “clear” error message that said “The Virtual Machine configuration cannot target a host due to placement errors

This article on TechNet describes “Recommended Action” for each error that we can have on System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager but for my error I couldn’t see any solution or recommendation.

After a while I’ve found the solution with a Windows Administrator.
Our private cloud is an administrative object that is a single point of reference for access, delegation and chargeback. Each cloud that we created had at least one SCVMM host group assigned. Optionally, configure networking, load balancer, storage, and library settings for the cloud.

Assuming that was working we also had quotas on each cloud. Assigning quotas to private clouds is critical for the service provider. Quotas must be selected that account for the total population of tenants and services they are empowered to create. Quotas are very important for the following reasons:

  • Capacity is available
  • “Out of control” is prevented.
  • Too many tenants can’t request so many resources at once

As you already we had a configuration problem and the maximum allowed Virtual Machines on our SharePoint cloud is not more than 25! Changing this Quota shall hopefully resolve the error.

Let’s try it again and hope for a STRIKE! I could finally see my status on “In Progress” and could create my Virtual Machine.

When I launched the virtual Machine I got a 0X0003 “Access Denied” error. Strange isn’t it? I can create delete or modify Virtual Machines but cannot connect via Remote Desktop on it. :-(

Apparently it’s a well-known bug (issue) on the internet:


I’ve read 50 times all the blogpost on forums and many other workaround but nothing worked for me. After a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiille, I’ve finally found a solution. But I’m afraid that I can’t name it a resolution. I’m explaining: at my corporate (and like many others) we have 2 accounts

  • 1 simple account ( Pegasus\A12345)
  • 1 Administrator account (Pegasus\A12345S) (S for Super User)

We always connect to our platform with our A12345 user and if we need an Administrator privilege, a simply RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR is more than enough.
The problem is actually a credential problem and there is a conflict between my Windows Token and my Credentials that I provided to SCVMM.
On the Welcome screen even if you provide you’re Super User Account for using SCVMM he runs the Application with A12345 and all modifications or many other operations are done by A12345S

So the workaround (or solution) is to do this via your SCVMM hosting web server or open an A12345S session on your Citrix environment. As you can see my Virtual Machine is now ready to go!