Configure Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Configure Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamic NAV is a highly configurable application. System configuring is part of different implementation phase. We configure part in development and part in deployement phase, but preparing of configuration we work in desing phase.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides Setup Checklist. 
You can use the Setup Checklist window to simplify the process of setting up your company in NAV. The window contains a list of the tables to which you have access (according to your license file). You can access the tables directly from the Setup Checklist window, and you can copy setup data from another company. You cannot delete or add tables to the list, and you cannot change the basic information about each table. This is a small problem when you have your own customized setup forms, because there are not in this list.

The window contains a line for each table and some information about the table. There are fields that you can fill in to manage the setup process. You can also add comments about each table.

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