Data migration Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Data migration Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The purpose of Data Migration involves the analysis of external data sources, mapping of these data sources, design of data load scripts, and final execution of the data loads into the production environment to enable the solution deployment. It also includes the analysis of requirements and creation of the Master Data Management process. It is very important to define the master data elements and gain consensus on their meaning and usage with the customer. The Data Entity and related Taxonomy includes the master data elements, their definitions, and how they will be used in the new solution.
Data Migration Tool in Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution depends of software version. With almost every new versions, we get new migration tools.

Navision 3.60 and earlier

In these NAV versions, we used Dataports for data migration. Dataport is object type for import or export data. We had to create new Dataport object and configure targeted table and fields. For each migration field, we had to set StartPos and Width. For complete object, we had to set FieldStartDelimiter, FieldEndDelimiter and FieldSeparator. The problem was that is developer tool and consultants has problems in self work.

NAV 4.0

In this version, we used Mapping Tool. This is form 8601. This is first authentic NAV migration tool and it works with Microsoft Excel. On header we set code for each migration table and file path. In lines, we set table fields for migration and types (Column or Constant). If we used Column Type, we seted source column in Excel. If we used Constant, we need to set constant manualy. Finally, this is consultants tool, but failing of this tool was non-existing of data validation.

NAV 5.0 and 2009

In these versions, we used Data Migration tool. Migration process started with Migration Overview form. This is form 8614. This tool work also with Microsoft Excel file or XML file. Process of migration is easier and we get new functionality. We get data validation process and we get better work with mistakes. Migration process devided on two parts, import data and applying data to target table. It enabled migration more tables in the same time from the one file.

NAV 2013

In this version, we currently use RapidStart Service. RapidStart Service is advanced migration tool. It is not only migration tool and now we can set up a complete new company in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. RapidStart Services is a tool designed to shorten deployment times, improve quality of implementation, introduce a repeatable approach to implementations, and enhance productivity by automating and simplifying recurring tasks.

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