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You can go hybrid in some manners;

Application Delivery
    Locally on each computer
    Remote Desktop / AppV / MEDV / RemoteApp in house or offsite
    Cloud design (aka Azure, Symantec Cloud Console, etc..)

Desktop Delivery
    Locally on each computer
    Remote via Desktop appliance, Thin client, etc..  (in house or offsite)
    Hosted locally or in a datacenter

Storage Management
    Hosted locally or in a datacenter
    * For the storage, hosted locally and a offsite copy in the datacenter ? It's the start of the idea of a remote backup site.
The first point that come into action is the bandwidth available. In a far mining site you could not imagine to host your server farm in the main office, btu a offsite for a remote backup site with a fiber connection can be a idea.

A second point is the SOX404 compliance. Can you host your server in a site you don't manage ?