Issue:  Several Problems are there: Clients will unable to save conversation History in Outlook, Calendar Meetings will not sync, status will not reflect on Lync etc.
Error Message: Lync cannot connect to the Exchange server. Please try signing out and signing back in. Outlook contact and calendar information will be unavailable until the connection is restored.
Problem statement: Look like outlook and Lync integration not happened. There are many reasons behind the error message.
Best Practices:  You must open the outlook before Lync.

1.     Many cases, client will use different address [SMTP and SIP] address. E.g. Means email address : and SIP address:

Both addresses should be to get sync with each other.

2.     You change the Lync (SIP) address via Lync control Panel or Lync Server Management Shell.

a.     Command:  

Set-CsUser –Identity “User Name” –SipURI

b.     Open Lync Control Panel > Click on Users > Find User> Double click on it and change the SIP address.

3.     If you don’t want to compare email address and SIP then you disable the Email Comparison via CmdLet.

Set-CsClientPolicy -DisableEmailComparisonCheck $True


4.     Rare cases MAPI version are not up-to-date.

a.     You copy MAPI32.DLL file from, working computer to affected computer.

b.     Mapi file path:C:\Windows\System32\


c.      You can match the Mapi file using command:

Close the Outlook and Lync from Task manage. Run the following command on command prompt:


After running these commands wait for 2-3 minutes and restart affected computer.

5.     Outlook must use the Defaults Outlook profile.

6.     eMail delivery must be on Server mailbox.


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