[Troubleshooting] Failed to retrieve schema and Event ID 6331

[Troubleshooting] Failed to retrieve schema and Event ID 6331

​Problem Statement

Attempting to refresh the schema of the FIM Service Management Agent we receive either the error message below, or the Event ID 6331 in the Application Event Log.

Error Message Displayed

  • Failed to connect to the specified database
  • Failed to retrieve schema

Application Event Log

Event ID: 6331


A update on the configuration of a MA or MV failed to replicate to a target connector directory that is capable of storing MA/MV configurations. As a result, the MA/MV configuration data in this connector directory is not up to date. Please correct the condition that causes the error, and triggers a resync by updating the password information of the target MA. Additional information: Error Code: 0x80230020 Error Message: (Management agent encountered an error exporting to the connected directory.) Operation: Create MA Name of the MA to replicate: FIM Service MA Guid of the MA to replicate: {E4B3C08E-AE62-4CAF-90A4-990F01799359} Name of the target MA: FIM Service MA Guid of the target MA: {E4B3C08E-AE62-4CAF-90A4-990F01799359}



Provided the FIM Service Management Agent Accoun with permissions to the %programfiles%\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Synchronization Service\Bin folder.



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