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Suggestion list

Last Edit Key word Status Initial votes  Topic description

 Feedback and vote on forum at

 09/12/2013  OpsMgr 2012  initial How to troubleshoot Management Server installation issues in OpsMgr 2012  CONTENT SUGGESTION: How to troubleshoot Management Server installation issues in OpsMgr 2012
 09/12/2013 ConfigMgr 2012  initial  1 How to troubleshoot client push installation in ConfigMgr 2012 CONTENT SUGGESTION: How to troubleshoot client push installation in ConfigMgr 2012
22/Jul/2013 WindowsToGo  DA initial 1 WTG + DA for managing BYOD employees

CONTENT SUGGESTION: WTG + DA for managing BYOD employees

22/Jul/2013 Windows Server initial 1  Server News as sample app/tutorial on how to build a Metro app

CONTENT SUGGESTION: Server News as sample app/tutorial on how to build a Metro app

22/Jul/2013 Virtualization initial 1 Virtualization and Delegated Admin
22/Jul/2013 Deployment
initial 1 Scale-down Deployment Guides

Many TN articles on deployment assume enterprise-size. Repost the guides on the wiki with the required new material to guide smaller-sized IT organizations to reuse the design/advice.

22/Jul/2013 Cloud
initial 1

Odata survival guide

For the developer and IT Pro who are planning a move to the cloud, give me a list of the resources I should start with (articles, blogs, videos, books, tutorials, influencers) to learn all about odata and how it will affect my IT environment moving to the cloud.

22/Jul/2013 General
initial 3

Microsoft Poster SG/Portal page

We need one survival-guide-style page where links to all Microsof Posters are listed, the downloads, as well as the deep zoom versions. Inlude a link for poster feedback and where to request a new poster.

22/Jul/2013 Cloud initial 1

Cloud Roadmap for SMB

Roadmap article, poster, or both that shows small and medium business how to get from where they are to the cloud.

22/Jul/2013 Virtualization initial  

VM Networking Troubleshooting Guide

Need a guide describing tools, techniques and how to solve commont VM networking issues.

22/Jul/2013 Virtualization initial  

Hyper-V Resource Pool Configuration Guide

Need article for best practices at using Resource Pools in Hyper-V in WS2012, specifically how to use resource pools to configure virtual machine priority. Include troubleshooting, perfune, and PowerShell cmdlets and scripts.

22/Jul/2013 Survival guides

Microsoft Posters Survival Guide

There is no search on There are several deepzoom versions of posters there. Please create wiki article that lists/links to all the posters on

22/Jul/2013 Virtualization initial  

Hyper-V Branch Office Deployment Guide

Please write a step-by-step guide to setting up a branch cache solution on Hyper-V in WS2012 including troubleshooting, hardware reqs, config steps, perftune, and PowerShell scripts.

22/Jul/2013 Virtualization initial  

Hyper-V SAN vs SMB Configuration Guide

Show me why and how to use a SAN with Hyper-V versus SMB?

22/Jul/2013 Virtualization initial  

Hyper-V Replica Disaster Recovery Guide – how do you handle DNS resolution?

Step by step walkthrough of how to plan and run a disaster recovery test using Hyper-V Replica, for example After a planned failover in Hyper-V Replica – how do you handle DNS resolution?

22/Jul/2013 Windows initial  

How to Change Windows 8 login screen image

I want to use my own images for the Win 8 login screen.

How do I change that?

22/Jul/2013 Virtualization initial  

Hyper-V and firewalls best practices

I have VMware and vShield, how do I add Hyper-V and configure a Microsoft firewall config that works for both (interop). How do I do that? Please add powershell commands, including the module for VMware.

22/Jul/2013 Virtualization initial  

How do I configure Storage Spaces to work with Hyper-V?

What are the design considerations and choices? What are the trade-offs? What are the Microsoft best practices? Please include troubleshooting tips and powerschell commants/scripts.

22/Jul/2013 Windows Server 2012 initial   Planning/Usage/TS guide for NFS in Windows Server 2012?

Get Siddhartha Roy (to share learnings from NFS bakeathons and share best practices on WS2012 autotunig configs and network optimizations for NFS storage. Include troubleshooting and powershell scripts/commands to set up.

22/Jul/2013 Windows Server initial  

Zombie server care and feeding guide

I have some old 32-bit Windows Server 2003 systems – and there is no upgrade path for them. What is the best re-use for these systems?

22/Jul/2013 Virtualization initial  

Need article on how to set up Tell me about metering and chargeback in Hyper-V? By VM, or by client?

include sample reports and powershell script to set each scenario up.

22/Jul/2013 Windows Server initial  

Advanced Troubleshooting on Windows 2008R2 Clustering CSV (Clustered Shared Volumes)

I See a lot of problems with CSV and it is not easy to fix. It would be great to see more info about this

22/Jul/2013 International initial I think it would be nice if the staff of Brazil translates the TLG (Test Lab Guide) Windows 8/Win2012 With the translated material, many will test the new Windows Server "2012".
22/Jul/2013 Test Lab Guides initial 3

Videos for Test Lab Guides

Would be nice to have videos of the Test Lab Guides I could watch before devoting the time of actually going through them in my lab. That way, I know they'll work!

22/Jul/2013 Operations initial  

More information about automating daily tasks

It would be goodness to have a library of PowerShell scripts for daily ITPro tasks on the TechNet Wiki.

22/Jul/2013 Troubleshooting initial  

Troubleshooting scripts!

More TNWiki goodness for PowerShell: we need a step-by-step script troubleshooting guide...


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