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"Shapes" is a Small Basic program for editing picture with Shapes objects.   


These instructions are for Shapes 1.5b.


Import as program ID XFZ657-15, remove comment from lines with File objects and save the program as "Shapes1_5b.smallbasic".

Pen and Brush

Click Pen Width menu and change the pen width.  Click Pen Color menu and select pen color.  Click Brush Color menu and select brush color.


Click Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle or Line menu and drag on the window to draw these shapes.  Created shapes can be re-sized or rotated to drag one of the pinches on the shape.  Click twice on the menu to add shapes consecutively.

Cut, Copy and Paste

Select a shape and click Cut menu to cut the shape, Copy menu to copy the shape.  After cut or copy, click Paste menu to paste the shape.


Following list shows typical versions of Shapes editor.
Version Released Program ID Description
0.72 2012-09-11 XFZ657-7 Oldest version which is introduced in Small Basic Forum.
0.8 2012-09-12 XFZ657-8  Supported re-sizing shapes.
0.9 2012-09-14 XFZ657-9  Supported rotating shapes.
1.0 2012-09-15 XFZ657-10
Supported copy and paste.  [*]
1.12 2012-09-18 XFZ657-11
Supported file input.  [**]
1.2 2012-09-20 XFZ657-12
Supported shortcut keys.  [**]
1.31 2012-09-20 TLW744-0 Supported palette loading and consecutive shapes addition.  [**]
1.42 2012-10-16 TLW744-3 Supported cursor keys and new UI for shapes menu.  [**]
1.5b 2013-03-30 XFZ657-15
Supported to run output program in remote.
[*] A part if this program is published as GTV460.  This part outputs move and rotation code.  You can insert GTV460 in WriteShapes subroutine if you need.
[**] A part if this program is published as GTV460-0.  This part outputs move and rotation code.  You can insert GTV460-0 in WriteShapes subroutine if you need.

Known Issues

Following list shows known issues of Shapes 1.5b.
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