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For those considering moving from SBS 2011 standard - on premises to hosted versions, it may be difficult to find guidance. 

This wiki is not step by step guidance but rather an overview and recap of resources that may be useful to migrate from SBS 2011 Standard to other platforms.

To migrate from SBS 2011 to Windows Server 2012 Essentials:

Microsoft has provided migration information to migrate from SBS 2011 to Windows Server 2012 Essentials in TechNet.  Essentials 2012 offers the option to install in migration mode via the GUI install.  Once installed you then need to move the email.  This can be done either following Microsoft guidance or using tools such as

The Server 2012 Essentials wiki with install tips can be found here.

Resources for migrating SharePoint from the premises version to the online hosted version have been graciously blogged by Office 365 MVP Robert Crane.

Remote Web Access, the User console, and other specific SBSism is migrated over as the users come over in AD.  If the users have a specific SBS attribute  (which they should have) they will be automatically populated in the Essentials console.  If they do not, there is a specific PowerShell command to get them properly listed.

Once you move the email and SharePoint, the old SBS server must be decommissioned within 21 days.

To migrate from SBS 2011 standard to standalone Server 2012 and hosted Exchange and SharePoint:

There is no specific instructions at this time to go from SBS 2011 standard to Windows Server 2012 standard with hosted Exchange and SharePoint.  However the process is similar to the links posted above.  You will join the new server to the domain, DCpromo it to make it a domain controller, move the FSMO roles to the new server, move the email, move the SharePoint and finally decide to decommission the server by removing Exchange on the old server and dcpromoing down the old server.

Additional resources for migration:

Jeff Middleton of provides migration resources to go from and to all manner of small business migration situations.  At this time he supports up through 2008R2.  Server 2012 support is planned.

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