Microsoft Dynamics NAV User Acceptance Test

Microsoft Dynamics NAV User Acceptance Test

Purpose of UAT is to thoroughly test the setup and configuration of the system and obtain User Acceptance sign-off.

Using transactions from the Customer’s legacy system, this activity focuses on testing the complete end-to-end system to ensure that system meets the customer business requirements. These tests should be performed on the Staging environment using actual transactions from a day identified by the customer that would provide a good sample of their business. The test results should be thoroughly documented for future reference and customer approval.

The testing results need to be compiled, analyzed, and subsequently compared to the test criteria established during the Analysis Phase.

Keep in mind that, even if the analysis determines that the tests were successful, the customer may still request changes to the feature, data migration, or integration process. Any changes requested beyond those needed to meet the previously established pass criteria will need to be evaluated individually and possibly brought to the attention of the Project Manager for a final determination. If additional changes are requested, the Project Manager will initiate the change request process and evaluate the impact to the overall project schedule. Changes made to the system will be subject to individual unit and function testing, and may also require repetition of the UAT prior to completion of the Go-Live Readiness activity.

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