This article explain how to migrate an Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013.

The lab consist of three server: two Exchange 2010 clustered. (CAS & HUB Transport Clustered and using DAG)


Lower the UAC.

Install Microsoft Unified Communication Managed API 4

Install Office 2010 Filter Pack SP1

Install Microsoft Filter Pack 2.0


Run the setup

Click Next to check for update

Click Next

Click Next

Click I Accept and Next

Click Don't use recommended settings

Select the Roles you need and Click Next

Click where to install it and Next

Input your Organization name and click Next

Click No and Next

Wait to click Install

Wait for the install

Click Finish

Post-Installation Tasks

Install latest SP for Exchange 2010 (SP3's needed at the minimum)

Install CU 2 for Exchange 2013

Click Next

Click Next

Click I Accept

Run the Readiness Wizard

For me I need the RSAT Clustering Interface, so I add it

Click Install

Wait for the Installation

Click Finish

Mailbox(s) Migration

Access the ECP

In the server tab you should see your servers.

In the powershell use Get-MailBox to see where the mailbox is stored for your users

When ready start to move any mailbox. You can in the ECP, but I will show via the powershell. Get-Mailbox -Identity username | New-MoveRequest -TargetDatabase "Malbox Database XXXXXX"

After you can issue Get-MoveRequest to see the status of the move

Final Test

Login into a workstation to start an Outlook of a migrated user

Start Outlook

Run TCPVIEW and check the endpoint. There we see the two connections to our CAS in cluster and to the new mailbox server.

Common Error

ECP version

If you access https://FQDN/ecp

You will see that generic webpage. That webpage is the ecp webpage from our CAS's server (our two Exchange 2010). It's of no use in our case.

So, you need to use : https://FQDN/ecp?ExchClientVer=15 to access the Exchange 2013's server.

At this point

- The send connector of the Exchange 2013 will be the legacy's one.
- The receive's connector would be the legacy's one.

When all mailbox are moved it's to redirect to the new server the SMTP'S mailflow. Last task is to change the send connector.