This is a searchableComboBox that I originally developed as a part of a UserControl where it originally worked in conjunction with a TextBox. As a result of a question in another forum, I decided to redevelop this as a self contained Control.

The Control Inherits Combobox, and Shadows both the DropDownStyle and DrawMode, to restrict user changes (it's permanently set to ComboBoxStyle.DropDown and DrawMode.OwnerDrawVariable).
I've overridden OnDrawItem, where I draw each item in black Pen with the first occurence of the search text in the item highlighted in red. I've also overridden OnTextChanged, where I force a repaint of the ComboBox dropdown portion, reflecting the new search text, which the user types in the Edit Control portion of the ComboBox.

Overall this is a very useful control which I'm very pleased with and I can already think of several applications I can incorporate it in. This is one of the great advantages of modern day Visual Basic: the ability to create reusable and modular Components and Custom Controls.

Here's the demo

Seem to be having some bandwidth problems, so here it is on MSDN: