Sharepoint 2013: Mobile View and Device Channels Briefing

Sharepoint 2013: Mobile View and Device Channels Briefing

• ‘Content search web part is not supported in the default mobile view of SharePoint. However, this works well with Device Channel. Device channels don’t affect the way the web parts are rendered.

• Device Channels should be considered for scenarios involving multiple device access of the web since it provides great control over what is rendered using each channel. Ideally, it is best to have as few device channels as possible. Even we can create a single device channel and apply several device inclusion rules to represent all the devices, and can even redirect to a specific master page.

• The content inside a ‘device channel panel’ is not rendered at all on the non-specified channels and hence provides a major benefit of device channel panels over using Display:None in a CSS class

• Microsoft recommends to use Device channels only with publishing sites

• By default device channel is enabled only on publishing sites because device channel feature comes as part of the “Publishing Infrastructure” feature. However, we can manually activate the “Publishing Infrastructure” feature for other sites (Team Sites etc) and made the device channel feature available for Collaboration sites.


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