Hyperion (Star Analytics)

Hyperion (Star Analytics)

Star Integration Server (SIS) authored by Star Analytics, generates star schemas directly from the proprietary storage of Essbase, Hyperion Financial Management and Hyperion Planning.  All data, metadata, supporting details and security (filters and users) from the 3 apps are re-instantiated in a variety of formats that are standards-based.  Once in the star schema (or flat file), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) can pick up the data and move it throughout the Microsoft ecosystem.

Business Advantages:

·        SIS overcomes the pervasive issue of an inability to share Hyperion application data with other systems and immediately leverages a BI reporting investment in the data warehouse and tools. 

·        Hyperion application data has been traditionally “stuck” within Hyperion creating unacceptable system performance issues when the application is also designed as a reporting repository.

·        SIS implements quickly.  Typical installations are 1 to 2 days and your data will be available in UDM structure for PerformancePoint Server, SQL Server 2005 and Analysis Services.

·        SIS leverages your existing investment in Hyperion products and bridges seamlessly to Microsoft BI reporting tools. 

Technical Information:

·        SIS can output all data from any generation or level within the respective Hyperion application. 

·        SIS can also ‘persist’ non-persistent intersection points within the Hyperion application creating hard facts of complex dynamic calculations and attribute dimension calculations.

·        SIS has an Intelligent Extractor that will only output changed data and dynamically fold this data directly into the target relational system creating on-demand synchronization.

·        The product is engineered to move data quickly.  Here are some examples:

·        Company A - 325MM records in 7 hours (Hyperion Financial Management)

·        Company B - 120MM records in 5 hours (Hyperion Essbase)

·        Company C - 21MM records in 35 minutes (Hyperion Planning)

·        All Hyperion application data can be brought on line immediately via Microsoft Analytic Services and Microsoft Reporting Services

·        SIS is written with the Microsoft .NET Framework and freely distributed Hyperion-supported APIs.

·        SIS supports all current Hyperion releases as well as Hyperion applications as far back as early 2001 (Essbase 6.1, HFM 3.2, Planning 2.0). 

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