DELETE NEWS: Microsoft Xbox Head is Now Zynga CEO

DELETE NEWS: Microsoft Xbox Head is Now Zynga CEO

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This news about Mattrick is still so crazy. Remember all the people from the Surface team who left, Microsoft?

And One More Big News is Mark Pincus will be replaced on Monday, July 8, by Don Mattrick, who was most recently head of Microsoft’s Xbox. Don Mattrick was personally recruited by Pincus. But Pincus holds on to 61 percent of the voting rights due to a two-tiered stock structure and will remain Zynga’s chairman and its chief product officer.

“Bringing in someone who has worked at a larger company to assist in management duties I think is a relief right now,” said Richard Greenfield, an analyst at BTIG Research.

“But Pincus is still the chief product officer. So the question is, what’s actually changed day to day in terms of making hit games?”

Mattrick is a Very Active person, he started his journey at the age of 17.

About Zynga :

Zynga is a Social game provider company founded in 2007. The company develops social games that work stand-alone on mobile phone platforms such as Apple iOS and Android and on the Internet through its website,, and social networking websites such as Facebook, Google+, and Tencent. Zynga states its mission as “connecting the world through games.The company was named in honor of Zinga, former CEO Mark Pincus’s late American bulldog.

About Don Matrick :

Before Zynga, , Mattrick was the President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. In this role he was responsible for a collection of consumer businesses including Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Kinect, TV Music and Video services, Mediaroom, as well as PC and mobile interactive entertainment. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2007, Mattrick served as the President of Worldwide Studios for Electronic Arts, where he worked for 25 years. At the age of 17, Mattrick founded Distinctive Software, Inc. which was acquired by Electronic Arts in 1991 and subsequently became EA Canada.

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