PowerShell Handy Commands

PowerShell Handy Commands

These are very helpful commands for PowerShell Beginner, so keep them handy.

How to find installed Modules?
PS C:\> Get-Module

How to find available modules?
PS C:\> Get-Module -List

How to import a Module?
PS C:\> import-module activedirectory

How to get help for Mudules?
PS C:\> Get-Help about_module

How to get Particular CMDLET help?
PS C:\> get-help Get-ADUser

How to get full help  of a Module(like grouppolicy, activedirectory)
PS C:\> GCM -Module grouppolicy | Foreach {get-help $_.name -Examples}
PS C:\> GCM -Module activedirectory | Foreach {get-help $_.name -Examples}

How to check Powershell Version?
PS C:\> $host.Version.Major

How to find particular mudule commands ?
PS C:\> Get-Command -Module activedirectory

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  • PS C:\> $server=Get-ADComputer -LDAPFilter "(&(objectcategory=computer)(OperatingSystem=*server*))"

    PS C:\> $server.name



    PS C:\> $server.count


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