EmailMatcher matches e-mail addresses based on a dictionary.


Perform E-Mail address matching on input fields and populate the output field with the matching values. If multiple matches are found, all matches are appended to the output field using the provided output delimiter.


<documentProcessor name="Source matcher"
    <parameterList name="InputFields" delimiter=";">InputField</parameterList>
    <parameterList name="OutputFields" delimiter=";">Emails</parameterList>
    <parameter name="DefinitionFile">../etc/sourceDictionary.xml</parameter>
    <parameter name="DefaultValue">Unknown</parameter>
    <parameter name="OutputDelimiter">;</parameter>

Configuration Options


List of fields to test against the dictionary.


List of fields to assign output to. Number of fields much match that of InputFields.
All the fields (managed properties) you list must be of type Text, and they must have HasMultipleEntries set to true if you expect to match multiple values.


Path to dictionary xml file. Sample configuration:


   <expression />




If no match is found, use this value


String out separate multiple values in output fields. For SharePoint 2013 you must use the Split processor down-pipeline to support multi value fields.