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WINRM is introduced in Windows Server 2003 R2. It is very similar to SysInternals “psexec“ tool. The new version WINRM is 2. WINRM is working on http. That is working with PowerShell. We can run windows command (netstat, ipconfig & etc) in a remote system through Invoke-command.  WINRM 1 worked on port 80, but WINRM version 2 works on port 5985. Normal PowerShell cmdlet is using RPC connection, but WINRM is working on hyper text transfer Protocol. By default 5 users & 5 connections for each user can be created, which means 25 total connections, but you can change that configuration. Also WINRM works on cmd prompt & it is not PowerShell dependent but it is working along with PowerShell. WINRM (Windows Remote Management) is a remote management like RDP, LDAP.

WinRM (Windows Remote Management) Troubleshooting

Administrator's Guide to Powershell Remoting  

Enable and configure Windows PowerShell Remoting using Group Policy  

Configuring WSMAN Limits 

About Windows Remote Management 

What's New in WinRM 2.0 

Installation and Configuration for Windows Remote Management 

Windows Remote Management Architecture 

WS-Management Protocol 

Scripting in Windows Remote Management 

Authentication for Remote Connections 

Proxy Servers and WinRM 

Windows Remote Management and WMI 

DMTF Profile Discovery Through Association Traversal 

Infrastructure for Managing Hosted Services 

IIS Host Plug-in Configuration 

WinRM Service Plug-in Configuration 

Remote Shell Infrastructure Improvements 

Multi-Hop Support in WinRM 

Quota Management for Remote Shells


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