You were taking a backup and suddenly the MS SQL Database application showed you error message which looks something like this “Error 1105” “Severity Level 17” and message which looks like this “Could not allocate space for objects ‘%.*ls’ in database ‘%.*ls’ because the ‘%.*ls’ filegroup is full”.  To understand and recover from it follow the below mentioned points.

The main reason for SQL user who is seeing “error 1105” code is that either:-

  • Your system is run out of memory. Or
  • You have limited the memory size of log or Database files 

Consequence that may result because of “error 1105” code:-

  • Corruption in Database
  • May not be able to executive further Queries or activities in SQL Server
  • Your database recovery process may get stop

Possible solution for the event

  • Move the Temporary Database (tempdb) to a different storage space or device
  • Reset the Log tempdb

Preventive measures

  • Set the log size to unlimited
  • Keep log files and Database files in separate device

One of the main reasons to separate the log files from the main Database file is that both competes each other for space and if either the memory or specified memory gets full you will not be able to executive further Queries or activities in SQL Server.

In case you encountered this error 1105 which resulted in database corruption you can take help of MS SQL database recovery software to recover your corrupt data file.