FIM MV Schema Documenter

FIM MV Schema Documenter

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When developing solutions for your FIM environment, you need to know what objects and attributes you have in your metaverse schema.
The objective of the FIM Metaverse Schema Documenter is to give you a report about this.
Categorized by object type, you will get a report on:

  • The attribute name
  • The type of the attribute
  • Whether the attribute is multi-valued
  • Whether the attribute is indexed 


note Note
The script is capable of handling filters.
You can specify the object type you care about as parameter when starting the script.




After you have downloaded the Zip file to your computer, you should unblock it.
To unblock the file, right-click it, select Properties, and then click Unblock.


note Note
To provide feedback about this script, create a post on the FIM TechNet Forum.
For more FIM related Windows PowerShell scripts, see the FIM ScriptBox.
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