The following are screenshots of notifications that your FEP clients will see when malware is identified on their systems.  This can be used to build end-user notification and educational materials along with the written end-user documentation for the FEP Client in TechNet.  These are based on the EICAR sample malware found here: If you had trouble downloading the files (for example, Forefront TMG's proxy component's anti-malware feature is blocking the download) then you can copy EICAR string into an empty text file (you'll notice that all the below notifications are from text files not the EICAR .com file for that reason).

Note: the exact actions available to an end user will vary based on the your exact configuration, policy applied to your client machines and the severity of malware found.  If in doubt, download the EICAR anti virus test file, and create screenshots specific to your own environment with the specific policy that would apply to your user base deployed to your test machines.


Windows XP

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Windows 7

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