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BR1. Firefox has no Find button in HTML Editor.

When you edit an article with IE and select the HTML editor, you have a Find button, which includes Find and Replace functionality. This is not available if you edit the article with Firefox. This makes it difficult to fix TOC and color issues using Firefox. You cannot search for "<h" in the HTML to find headings for the TOC, or replace "rgb(0, 0, 255)" with "blue" to fix color issues.

STATUS: 08/09/2013  Still exists    FireFox 23.0

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SE1. Search is currently outdated.

Search on TechNet Wiki is currently outdated. You're searching on a crawl from several months ago.
WORKAROUNDS: Search in your browser on Bing Search. Include "TechNet Wiki" along with the title you're searching for.

STATUS: Verified 05/30/2013. Cannot find newly published articles unless they are more than about 1 month old. 

SE2. Tag search results can be incomplete.

If the search results includes one more Wiki article than will fit on one page of results, there may be no link to the second page.

STATUS: Verified 06/13/2013. As of this date, the following tag search results in 13 articles, but there should be 14.
This tag search results in 12 articles, but one of them (the last) does not appear in the first results (as it should):

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TI1. A previous user can "steal" your title

The title you make generates a URL to the article with the title name in it. It's possible for a contributor to change a title. The old title URL redirects to the new title URL. However, if new users want to create pages with the same names as old titles, then they cannot. They will have to come up with a new title (which might break consistency standards).

TI2. Titles with > 240 characters render the article unaccessible / non editable

When you put a title with more than 230 characters length (including spaces), the article cannot be edited anymore or even the article itself cannot be accessed.

You could see an error like Error 400, invalid page.
WORKAROUNDS: Use short titles (far below the 230 chars).

STATUS: Bug reported (jul/2013).

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Wiki Editor

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WE1. Indentation bug

Sometimes, especially in lists of bullets, entire sections of content (and all the content below that section) will be automatically indented to the right. 

WORKAROUND: To fix the symptoms of this bug, click the HTML View tab, find the section that begins the indentation in the code, and make sure there is a closing ordered list </ol> or unordered list </ul> tag above it. 

STATUS 08/23/2012: This problem is seen often. Generally, a closing </li> tag (less often </ol> or </ul>) was missing, and the Wiki editor "fixed" the HTML by adding the missing tag, but in the wrong location. Often, the </li> tag is added after the next heading line, so the heading line is indented. Sometimes, the </li> tag is added after the next list, so the entire list is indented relative to the first list. In all cases, the fix is to move the errant </li> tag in the HTML editor. I check the last item in each list. If the last item does not have a closing </li> tag, I search for the next </li> tag, verify that it is in the wrong place, then move it to where it belongs.
STATUS: Bug verified 05/29/2013. Also using the Indentation button causes everthing, including text before and after the text you are working on, to be indented. And it is very difficult to add subsequent text that is not indented. 

WE2. Go Nowhere Links appear when using anchors

Adding an anchor tag to a sub-header (or any text) turns it into a "go nowhere" link. Example article. This happens when you import another article with the anchor tags associated to the entire sub-header (here is an HTML example: <a name="Title1">Title 1</a>), and it also happens when you highlight the sub-header and apply the anchor to the entire sub-header.
WORKAROUND: You'll need to remove the title text from the <a name> argument. For example, if your HTML is... <h2><a name="Title1">Title1</a></h2>... then you need to remove the text from the <a> tag. Instead write it like this: <h2><a name="Title1"></a>Title1</h2>.
Also, do not add anchors to your article. Instead, just use headers. At the top of your article, type the wiki code [toc] in the Design tab, and the Wiki platform will turn the text into a table of contents that lists out all the header sections, including their hierarchy (where an h2 is indented under an h1 section). Because of this TOC feature, you don't need to add anchors.
STATUS: Bug verified 05/29/2013. But is this a problem?

WE3. Bullet icons turn blue

Adding a hyperlink to a full line in a bullet (where you select the whole line, including the white space to the right of the line) can ruin bullet and spacing formatting. Specifically, it turns the bullet icon blue.

WORKAROUND: Do not highlight/select the whole line. Highlight/select only the text and not the space after the text (which is what happens to show you that the whole line is highlighted/selected). If you cannot highlight only the text, highlight all the text except for the last letter. Then when you click the Insert Link or Anchor button from the Editor toolbar, add the missing letter back to the text in the Link Text box, enter the new URL, click OK, and when you return, delete the last letter that is not in the hyperlink.

STATUS: Bug verified 05/29/2013. Also, on each subsequent save a new blank bullet item can be added to the collection, and a new symbol indicating an external url can be added to the previous bullet item (the item before the one made into a hyperlink). 

WE4. Tables do not appear as expected

TechNet Wiki Editor might not translate your table HTML code the way you want it to, especially if you are pasting from a word processor (such as Word). 

WORKAROUND: See Create Quick and Basic Tables Using the Wiki HTML Editor for information about creating tables using the Wiki HTML editor. This method requires that you edit the raw HTML for your article by clicking the <> HTML option in the status bar at the bottom of the Wiki Editor.

Bug verified 06/12/2013. Besides losing colors, tables can get cut off. The table in the article does not appear like the table in the editor. For example, in revision 3 of this article, Choose your MAP Toolkit Goal, the table is cut off at the right. The colors were also lost, but were restored by replacing RGB values with color names in the HTML.

WE11. The article appears to not save (but it usually does)

Sometimes you will click Save after writing an article or completing an edit, and the article does not seem to save. It seems to be waiting indefinitely. When you click Save, you get an error message that you have already written a more recent version. This is similar to # 8 under Wiki Editor in the Fixed Issues section below.

Quite often after long waiting period there is an error message appearing. In 98% of the cases the changes made will be saved, but the editor's comment might now go to the comments section of the article.
WORKAROUND: When your article gets into this state (you are waiting for it to save for a long time), click the Save button again. If you see the error message that you already updated the article, then click the Article tab to see your changes. Your changes were saved correctly.

WE13. Table of Contents (TOC) feature does not always work

Sometimes the TOC feature does not include all the header topics as items in the list.

At least one known reason is a bug in the Telligent platform, which has been confirmed by the developers team.
The TOC is built using the header formats in the text.
The Wiki editor adds an <a name=...> tag to the header after you save. When you use a 0 anywhere in the header, you break the formatting.

The same thing happens if the heading includes foreign characters. The issue has been confirmed for the following characters: é í ç ã. However, there are probably many others. Recently it has been reported that Farsi/Persian characters cause the heading to be ignored by the TOC feature.

Fix: You can include the 0 character and foreign characters in the header text, but you must fix the corresponding HTML. You must find the header line in the HTML editor, and remove or replace any 0 or foreign characters in the <a name> tag of the header.

Another problem is duplicate header lines in the article. The text of header lines can be duplicated in an article, and all will appear in the Table of Contents, but the links will not work. Duplicate header lines will have duplicate <a name> tags, so all of the duplicate entries in the Table of Contents will link to the same point. The fix is to modify the <a name> tags of the headers in the HTML editor to make the names of the anchor tags unique in the article.

A duplicate header line can result unexpectedly if the header has leading digits. When the <a name> tag is automatically created, any leading digits are ignored. This means that the headers "1.3 References" and "3.3 References" will have the same <a name> tag. You must edit the <a name> tags in the HTML editor to make them unique. Digits can appear anywhere else in the <a name> tag with no problems. For example, you can modify the tags as follows: <a name="References_1_3"> and <a name="References_3_3">. Note that spaces and periods must be replaced by underscores. These <a name> tags will be recognized. Of course, do not introduce zeros (the character "0").

A less common problem is when the entry in the Table of Contents includes the heading line plus all or part of the next paragraph. The cause is a missing </h1> tag (or </h2> etc). The Wiki editor adds the missing tag when you save, but in the wrong location; not at the end of the heading line, but after the next sentence or paragraph. The fix is to find the heading line in the HTML editor, verify that the terminating </h1> tag is missing (or </h2> etc), then find the next </h1> tag in the article and move it to where it belongs.

For assistance fixing a Table of Contents, refer to this Wiki article: Tips & Tricks to Fix the Wiki Article [TOC] (Table of Contents)

STATUS: 1/Aug/2012, BUG REPORT FILED, and bug confirmed. Last seen in May, 2013.

WE14. Colors Lost When an Article is Modified in IE

When you edit an article, if any colors are specified using RGB values in the HTML, the colors may be lost when the article is saved. This does not always happen, but it often does. The workaround is to replace the RGB values with the closest standard color names. This is described in this Wiki article: Wiki: Troubleshooting Color Issues in Your Wiki Articles
A problem is that the RGB system can specify over 16 million colors, but there are only about 140 color names. It is often not possible to exactly match a color specified by the RGB system. When an article is updated it is often not noticed that colors were lost. It appears that this problem has only happened since about February 22, 2013. Articles modified since that date can exhibit the problem. It would be good to know if this bug will be fixed, as it requires a lot of work in the HTML editor and the colors cannot be made to exactly match in all cases. It will also be very difficult to restore the old RGB values later if the bug is fixed.

This Wiki article was published to assist in fixing the colors in articles: Wiki: Fix Color Issues in Wiki Articles
And this VBScript program was used to select the best standard color for any RGB values (3 integers): Fix Color Issues in TechNet Wiki Articles
WORKAROUND: Sadly, the workaround is to use non-Microsoft browsers, such as Firefox or Chrome.

STATUS: 07/11/2013. This problem happens if you edit using Internet Explorer, but not if you use Firefox or Chrome to edit the article. In fact, if you edit an article with "broken" colors in Firefox or Chrome, even if you make no changes, the colors will be restored after you save. Of course, the RGB values will remain in the HTML (which is not affected by this), so if someone else edits the article later using Internet Explorer, the colors will be lost.
07/23/2013     Confirmed   Confirmed  Confirmed

WE15. Bulleted Lists and Indentations Do Note Work As Expected

EXAMPLE 1: Often times, you cannot add a bulleted list in (or blockquote indentation) properly. Clicking the bullet button in the Editor (or the indentation button) will indent more into the bullet than you want. Sometimes it indents multiple paragraphs. I experimented with this line, and it indented this paragraph, the "Return to Top" link under it, and the horizontal rule under that, basically everything under my H2 header. The reason is that the Editor tool buttons aren't writing to the HTML code correctly.
WORKAROUND: You can actually paste it from another place in the article (where it's already working). That's what I did to get the blockquote indentation on this line to work properly. If you don't have one to copy and paste in from the same article, you can go into the HTML. The problem is usually that the Blockquote tag is on the wrong side of the Paragraph (<p>) tag, thus it's indenting everything in your P tag, which is often everything under your header. So you have to move the Blockquote tag inside of your P tag.

NOTE: I have not seen this bug in the blogs.

STATUS: Verified 8/14/13. If we upgrade to the blogs editor (slated for end of summer, 2013), then we might get this fixed with the upgrade (since it's not an issue in the blogs).

EXAMPLE 2: When pasting in a numbered list, your numbers might not be translated to HTML correctly. So you might end up with 12 number three's instead of a count from 1 to 12.
WORKAROUND: You have to tweak it in the HTML. It's often a mismatched tag between the OL (Ordered List) and UL (Unordered List) tags. You might also be able to fix it in the Editor... delete each bullet (keep the text on the lines but delete the bullets by pressing Backspace at the front of each bullet)... except for the top one and then press enter, pushing each line down in the same OL tag that your top item is in.

STATUS: Verified 8/14/13

EXAMPLE 3: When pasting in a bulleted list from one Wiki article (or other source) into your Wiki article, you might get corruption... an extra bullet that doesn't really exist wedges itself between two bullets. It doesn't exist, meaning that you can't write on that line; you just see it (a level 1 bullet) dividing up your list. Note that this seems to only be the case if your bulleted list contains at least 3 levels in.
WORKAROUND: It's an HTML mismatch between the tags. You can go in the HTML tab and remove the embedded UL tag, or you can fix it in the Editor. In the Editor, at the front of the top bullet under the corrupted bullet, press Backspace until it's on the line of the uncorrupted bullet above the corrupted one. Then press Enter to push that line back down. You created a new bullet above the corrupted one. Keep doing this for each bullet under the corrupted one. Usually, when you get to a Level 1 or even Level 2 bullet, the corrupted bullet gets cycled out. Then you can format them correctly with the proper indentations.

STATUS: Verified 8/14/13

EXAMPLE 4: You add more bullets at the bottom of your list. These bullets might be Level 3 bullets (three levels in). You press enter to add a new bullet. And then you indent your bullet back in to Level 1. But this creates two additional bullets... your Level 1 bullet plus a new Level 2 bullet and another Level 1 bullet under that one.
EXAMPLE 4: You cannot delete or cut a whole Level 1 section of a bulleted list. You might not even be able to delete a Level 2 section. Trying to cut or delete the section results in an error, and you lost all your changes made in that editing session.
WORKAROUND: Go to the bottom bullet. Press Backspace until you delete the two additional bullets and are left with the top new one (of the three), the only bullet you intended to create. Then proceed. Note that this problem won't come up again until you save and re-edit the article.

STATUS: Verified 8/14/13 

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LI1. TechNet Forum Links show up as internal to TechNet Wiki

Links to TechNet Forum threads are missing the External Link icon and behave like internal Wiki links (they open in the same window). This is because the Forums use a similar URL structure as TechNet Wiki (so MSDN Forum links are marked as external).

STATUS: Bug verified 05/29/2013. A fix is planned.

LI2. Links to Articles with [TOC] in Title expand into a TOC

If you add a link to an article that includes the string "[TOC]" in the title, and use the article title for display in the hyperlink (rather than the url) the string expands into a Table of Contents. See an example link in the See Also section of this article:

The article being linked is this one:

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TA1. Tag revision and History behavior is inconsistent

When you click a Revision in the History tab (or compare Revisions), the tag changes appear at the top of the page. Some tags are crossed out (in red) and other tags are added (in green). Tags are shown to be crossed off and added even though that change was not made in the revision. This likely happens because the sort/reorder of the tags (into alphabetical order) accidentally registers an edit/change in the revision even though the user never made that change (it was automatically made in each revision).

TA3. Tag search results can include deleted articles

When you click on a tag in the Tag Cloud (on a search results page), or when you enter the url for a tag search, the results are active articles. In this case, the url is similar to the following:

If, however, you click on a tag inside an article, the url is different, and the results can include recently deleted articles. For example, the same search by clicking on the tag "Active Directory" in an article would result in the following url:

TA4. Tag edits take a long time to show up

When you click "Edit Tags" and add a tag, it sometimes does not show up for a long time. When you edit the article, the new tag does not show up, so you add it again.
Reported in this forum thread:

The problem could be associated with server problems.

TA5. Tag Cloud Gives Inconsistent URL

If you click on the tag cloud, you get a different URL than the one you get when you click on the tag at the bottom of the Wiki article.

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CO1. History comments migrate into article page comments

At the time of a platform change, a few more articles appear where the History comments port into the article page comments. It's very difficult to repro (you'd have to change the platform to test it), and there might be specific factors (timing of when it was published versus when the platform was updated, timing of edits, whether or not any comments were in the article's page comments section). It seems to have only happened with articles that have had no other page comments, but this could be a coincidence. Happened on article with comments too, each time it happened I clicked "Save", my activity appeared there ( if I use another Internet Explorer windows;  but the web page where I clicked "Save" timeout out with a Error (a white page that told that it wasn't able to make my request).

Adding an example picture, just happened to me while adding text there; (when I get that timeout, my comment got added into the wrong place)


STATUS: Cause is not proven. Still exists as of May 2013.

I believe this happens when the error above is shown. So, this bug is related to that error.

CO2. Comments don't appear to save... resulting in many duplicate comments

When you add a comment to a Wiki article there can be a long delay when you click "Post". There can be a timeout error, or you might try to refresh. You don't see your comment, so you might try again. In any case, the comment shows up later (up to 7 hours later), multiple times. This is similar to issue WE11 and is probably related. The duplicate comment is either the result of a refresh, or a second attempt to add the comment when the first attempt appears to fail. Often the user will click the comment's post button multiple times (thinking that it didn't work the first time). Each time they click Post (often three, total), another version of the same comment appears. Similarly, they leave the comment but don't know they did. So they retype the same text or they paste in the same text, thus leaving more of the same comment.

SOLUTION: The comments would need to save quickly and verify to the user that they were uploaded. Ideally, they should also be displayed almost instantly, just like the Blogs.

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Localized Content

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LC1. ? symbols display in several languages

displays in Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Thai and Russian localized articles.  1252 code page languages do not appear to be affected.
The appearance of these symbols depends on the request to a server. For example:  will display symbols,  and   will not.
Different browsers may display ” symbols in different places of the article at the same time.
STATUS: Verified that this is a problem in Farsi/Persian on 06/01/2013.
STATUS: Still exists in Japanese on 06/05/2013.
STATUS: Still exists in Russian articles on 08/17/2013.

LC2. Numbered Lists in Farsi are left justified

For example, here is how a number list shows up:
  1. تست ١
  2. تست ٢
  3. تست ٣
  4. تست ٤
  5. تست ٥
  6. تست ٦

But numbered lists in Farsi should be right justified, as in other text.

STATUS: Reported on 06/01/2013.

LC3. Some Chinese characters are displayed as DBCS code

Some foreign characters in Japanese articles display as the double byte (DBCS) representation (for example "&#26684;") instead of the Japanese. The characters display correctly in the Edit tab, but not in the published article.

STATUS: Still exists on 06/18/2013.

LC4. TOC in Foreign Languages Shows English Title

The title of the TOC is "Table of Contents" in English, even if the article language is not English. This isn't desirable in a foreign language article.

The title "Table of Contents" only appears in the English and Russian versions of the Wiki. In the other language versions (Portuguese, and Chinese), the TOC has no title.

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Fixed Issues

As issues get fixed, move them here. (There is no need to add old issues here that are no longer problems. This section is just meant to be a place to move fixed issues that were once known issues in this list.)



1. Line white spaces are randomly added when using IE9

When you use Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), line white spaces can be added anywhere in the article. We have seen them randomly added at the end of the article, after bullets, after Line Rules, and after Headers. Here's an example on this page (under "Tags").

We verified that this bug (as first mentioned in a forum thread), seems to be connected to IE9 compatibility. Also, this issue seems to happen more when you switch to the HTML tab.
WORKAROUNDS: Delete the extra spaces. Use a different browser. Try using IE9 in Compatibility View.
STATUS: Cannot reproduce (4/17/13). Confirmed as fixed in the forum.

2. IE9 is not supported

TechNet Wiki does not support Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).
STATUS: IE9 seems to be supported well now.  

4. IE9 does not display horizontal line rules

Even though the Rule line appears in the Editor, it does not appear in the article. This seems to happen when you edit an article with Line Rules already in the article.

WORKAROUNDS: Try removing the horizontal line rule and adding a new one. Use a different browser.
STATUS: This is the same as # 6 in the "Wiki Editor" heading

5. IE9 does not display Avatar correctly in viewing previous Revisions

This issue was posted in the Wiki Forum; see:

STATUS: Not seen in a long time.




1. Missing comment notification feature

There is no feature to receive e-mail or RSS alerts/notifications when someone posts a comment on the article.
WORKAROUND: Check an article often for comments (about three times a week, if it is time sensitive, such as release notes, or once every 2-3 weeks if it is not time sensitive).
STATUS: Currently a fix is being planned to be released on July 13th, 2011.


1. It's unclear if a link is external or internal to TechNet Wiki

Unlike Wikipedia, there is no clear way of knowing when a link is external.

WORKAROUND: For external links, until we have an external link flag (like Wikipedia does), paste the link URL in the Editor so that it is obvious to a user that the link is not internal to TechNet Wiki. For the feature request, see Links #1 in the TechNet Wiki Feature Requests.


1. 'Favorite this page' link does nothing

In the previous profile, pages that you selected as Favorites appeared in your Favorite pages section. With the new profile, there is no such section. Currently the Favorite this page link (at the bottom of every article page) does nothing.

STATUS: Fixed in June, 2011. The Favorites button was removed.

2. Add as Friend feature does not act as expected

In the previous profile, Add as Friend added your friend to a Friends section of your profile. Because that profile version has been changed, the option to add a friend from a profile is gone. Also if you add a friend or are added as a friend, then you cannot see your friends anymore. That said, you can still add friends (even though you can't see them) by searching for their name and clicking Add as Friend under their profile name in the search results.

This is a helpful tool as a way to directly contact the person via email form. Also, you can see your activity and your friends' activity in the People tab of Recent Wiki Activity on the Wiki Home page. But this feature is rarely used by the community now that it has been removed from the Profile.
STATUS: Solved because you can no longer search by names.

3. Wiki contributions earn no points

Currently you can only earn points in your profile from Forum contributions, Gallery contributions, and not Wiki contributions. A new point solution that includes Wiki contributions is currently being planned. 

STATUS: Fixed on July 13th 2011, with other Profile features (like profile user cards and contribution points for blogs and annotations).


1. Search icon does not work as expected

The search icon in the search box is not active. (It looks like a button and acts like a button on other TechNet pages.)

WORKAROUNDYou need to press Enter when the focus is in the search box to execute the search. 

STATUS: Current plans are to remove this icon.


1. RSS for Tags does not work for tags with punctuation

The RSS for Tags link returns an empty RSS feed for any tags containing a hyphen or other punctuation. 

WORKAROUND: As a temporary work-around, use the tag as a keyword in a search and subscribe to the resulting RSS Search feed.

STATUS: Fixed in 2010.

2. You cannot change the case of previous tags

The first person who enters the case of a tag (such as "ssAs") sets the precedence that all the tags of that combination of characters and spaces need to follow. For example, if person #1 adds the tag "ssas," then people #2-2000 who add "SSAS" are actually adding to the tag "ssas." This feature exists so that you don't end up with 8 different capitalization versions of the same tag (which is a good thing), but it still introduces a bug that while they might be consistent, the first person might not have entered the right (or best) capitalization combination (for example, they could have entered "ssAs" instead of "SSAS").
STATUS: Still exists, as of May 2013, but already covered in the article "Feature Requests for TechNet and MSDN Profiles and Social Platform Tools".

2. Tag editing replaces original author

Essentially, you steal credit of the author of the article or you steal credit of the last edit. If you ever add, delete, or edit a tag in the Article tab, you will steal credit of the author (no record will exist of them having written the article), or, if there is at least one edit (two versions total), then you will remove the previous edit from the records (their edit remains, but you take credit for their edit plus the tag changes you made).

WORKAROUND: As a contributor/editor, only edit tags in the Edit tab. As an author, when you first write an article, make a first edit to the article as well. This will protect your authorship credit from ever being removed by this bug.

STATUS: Fixed in May 2011 with the upgrade to CS 5.6.

3. Tags disappear

You write an article, and you go to save the article. The tags disappear. I have only seen this once so far. Add notes of any attempts here that you made to reproduce this bug (whether successes or failures). See revision 20 in this article:

STATUS: Fixed.

4. When an article is deleted, it is not deleted from the tag results

If you delete an article, and when you delete it, it has a specific tag, then the article still appears in that tag's results. If you access the tag from another article or from a tag cloud, you will see the article listed on the tag results page. When you click the article, you reach a Not Found page. For example, the last article listed on this page is a deleted article:

 Cannot be duplicated May 24, 2013.

Wiki Editor

1. Random code at the top of an article

You might see no code in the Design view of the Editor, but then after you save and publish the article, you see a block of code at the top of the article.

WORKAROUND: To fix the symptoms of this bug, click the HTML View tab, and then delete the Header tag content.

STATUS: Need to verify this bug still exists (6/10/11). Ed: As of 10/15/12, I cannot repro.

5. The Editor changes your font

This usually happens when pasting from a word processor (such as Word).

WORKAROUND: Highlight all the text in the article, select Segoe UI from the Font Name drop-down list in the Editor toolbar, and select 12px from the Real font size drop-down list in the Editor toolbar. If you also have italics and font color issues, change those manually as well.
STATUS: Cannot be replicated. Not seen in a long time (05/30/2013).
NOTES: This could be the same bug as #8 below. This might be an IE9 bug.

6. The Editor removes horizontal line rules

Even though the Rule line appears in the Editor, it does not appear in the article. This seems to happen when you edit an article with Line Rules already in the article.

STATUS: Cannot be duplicated 05/29/2013.

7. The Editor creates unwanted "Span" elements in the HTML

This seems to happen when you paste content in from other word processors. This usually gives your text random fonts and font styles such as italics.

WORKAROUND: Highlight all the text in the article, select Segoe UI from the Font Name drop-down list in the Editor toolbar, and select 12px from the Real font size drop-down list in the Editor toolbar. If you also have italics and font color issues, change those manually as well.

STATUS: This could be the same bug as #6 above. This might be an IE9 bug. Cannot be replicated. Not seen in a long time (05/30/2013).

8. Error: "<name> posted a new version while you were editing."

You try saving a file and then cannot save it again because the Editor already saved it, but the Editor did not send you to the article page/tab as expected. This happens when the Editor is saving, but you think the Editor has hung. When you click Save the second time, it has already saved your content. So it gives you an error telling you that you already saved it.

WORKAROUND: Click the Article tab to make sure your saves were made. You also might want to copy text you added just in case (because if you leave after making significant changes that were not saved, you cannot get back to what you wrote).

STATUS: Same as # 11 in Wiki Editor heading

9. Rule Lines sometimes do not appear in the Editor

Sometimes when you click the Edit tab, the Rule Line that was previously added in a different revision does not appear in the Editor. It might be changed to white in the Editor. If you highlight the space, you will see that the line is still there. When you click Save to publish your changes (as long as you didn't delete the Rule Line), then the line still appears as black on the article page. This is a minor bug because it doesn't affect the final article page, but it is a bug and can be confusing or prompt the contributor to add another, unnecessary line rule.

STATUS: Cannot be duplicated 05/29/2013.

10. Style tags are sometimes removed by the Editor

Sometimes the style tags are removed by the Editor. This seems more likely when a paragraph calls a class within the style tag. This results in the content inside the tags (such as ". ClassName { margin-left:100px; }") being published on the article page, and the style doesn't take effect. This could be that the Editor isn't compatible with classes in HTML, or it could be another bug type. For more information, read this forum thread: 

For example...

<style>.ClassName { margin-left:100px; }</style>
<p class="foo">This is a paragraph with 100px padding.</p>

Publishes with the contents of the style tag in the final article:

. ClassName { margin-left:100px; }

This is a paragraph with 100px padding.

STATUS: 05/30/2013. Styles are now commented out. They are ignored, but do not show up in the article.

12. Comment Lost when you Save in the HTML Editor

If you use the HTML Editor to edit a Wiki article, add a comment, then click "Save" (without clicking the "Design" button to return from the HTML editor), it takes a long time to save and the comment is lost. This has happened to me several times. To avoid this problem, always click "Design" to return from the HTML editor before clicking the "Save" button.
STATUS: Same as # 1 in Comment heading

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STATUS: Currently being planned to fix in April 2011 with the upgrade to CS 5.6.
STATUS: Currently being planned to fix in April 2011 with the upgrade to CS 5.6.
STATUS: Currently being planned to fix in April 2011 with the upgrade to CS 5.6.