TechNet Wiki Advisory Board

TechNet Wiki Advisory Board

The TechNet Wiki Advisory Board is a group of MVPs from the community interested in driving adoption of the TechNet Wiki.


Our charter focuses on building support and participation for the TechNet Wiki by sustaining great community and great content:

  1. Evangelize: Build participation and mindshare for the TechNet Wiki.
  2. Moderate: Shepherd content (focusing on your MVP-awarded technology) through active review, moderation, and contribution.
  3. Advise: Advise Microsoft technical writers, new Microsoft contributors, and community members on best practices, tips, and guidelines.
  4. Review: Review content from Microsoft technical writers, new Microsoft contributors, and key community contributors.


Each Advisory Board member will watch over -- or moderate -- a subset of content on the TechNet Wiki (divided by their MVP-awarded technology).  It is up to each moderator to maintain quality standards using any of combination of the following:

  • Edit a topic. Anyone who joins the TechNet Wiki has this right!
  • Mark a topic for deletion. Once an article has been considered by the moderators and Community Council, a moderator may archive and then delete the article.
  • Escalate comments for further review by the Community Council.


Current Advisory Board members:

Former Members

Former TechNet Wiki Advisory Board members:


This section contains frequently asked questions about the advisory board, participation, and anything remotely community-related. Feel free to add your question or provide/update an answer.

Who can join?

Currently we're recruiting Microsoft MVPs to join the Advisory Board. If you're not an MVP, we have other opportunities to help us out. Just email tnwiki at Microsoft to get a conversation started. If you join as an MVP and then lose the status later, we would love for you to remain part of this board.

Why would I want to join the Advisory Board?

You join because you are active in community, keep abreast of Microsoft and Microsoft-related technology and like to collaborate with people from next door and across the world.

How much time will it take?

As much or as little time as you can, really. Some weeks you'll have lots of free time, and want to focus on adding content in a new area, or an area you think is weak. Other weeks you'll find it's all you can do to keep an eye on what's being added to your areas of interest. There are no specific requirements for the amount of time you need to spend. This is a community, and we all participate as we can, with the hope and expectation that the result is a healthier community for all of us.

Why would I spend time on the Wiki rather than on my own blog?

Consolidation of recognition of effort spent on the forums and Wiki. Opportunity to co-author on an area of interest with a subject matter expert I respect.

It's important to understand that work on the wiki, on blogs and in the forums are not mutually exclusive and they can in fact enhance the value of your total body of work.

For example, suppose you post an article on your blog that discusses a complex subject and one or two approaches to how you might solve a business problem using the information you provided on your blog. However, you know that there are other approaches that can be used, but you don't want to take the time to describe them because you want to move on to other topics. Here is where you can use the wiki - create a wiki post and seed that post with a few options that can be used to solve the problem you discussed in your blog. Don't give the details, just list the options. Then let the community fill in the details for these other options. Link back to your blog post from the wiki post - and in your blog, link to the wiki post.

The same method can work with your activity in the forums. If you find that someone provided a great answer to a difficult question - immortalize that forum contributor by posting that information to a wiki article and linking back to the forum thread from the wiki article. In the forum, link back to the article you created in the wiki.

There are many other ways you can use the wiki to enhance your blog work, your forum work, and even work you do in other areas, like writing books or creating complex design guides. Unlike a blog or forum, you can easily create a sophisticated "site within a site" in the wiki. Think about the page you want to create, then create a table of contents page in the wiki. Then create the pages you want to write in the wiki, and then link to them from your table of contents. Have your pages link back to each other too, and even other content on the wiki or content anywhere on the web. This "site within a site" method is very flexible and enables you to easily create the site and collaborate with others to make it even better!

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