Searching Windows Embedded Documentation

Searching Windows Embedded Documentation

To find documentation about project development tasks for a specific version of Windows Embedded Compact, you can use the documentation search tools. Typically, searches return results for documentation about a particular task for all versions of the product that contain that information. To search for product-specific documentation about a task, use the search tool samples at Windows Embedded Documentation Search Tool Samples.

Documentation Search Tool Samples

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The samples are a set of HTML pages that each provide a Bing search tool for searching documentation for one of the following product versions:

  • Windows Embedded Compact 7

  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0

  • Windows CE 5.0

  • Windows CE .NET 4.2

With the documentation search tool samples, you can select a sample HTML Bing search tool that filters your search results to show Windows Embedded Compact documentation webpages for a specific product version. This is helpful if you require information in the Microsoft documentation that is specific to a product version of Windows Embedded Compact and are having a difficult time getting accurate search results on the web.

<[default] xmlns="">Windows Embedded Compact 7 Search Tool

<[default] xmlns="">Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Search Tool

<[default] xmlns="">Windows CE 5.0 Search Tool

<[default] xmlns="">Windows CE .NET 4.2 Search Tool


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