Wiki: Roles

Wiki: Roles

Roles describe ways to contribute to the wiki. For example, an "editor" can extend the value of an article by adding a screenshot. Roles are perspectives, not titles, and they help you think about different ways to improve wiki articles.

An important role is the moderator role. They typically get notifications of changes to articles to look for potential collaborators and to maintain accuracy. They also help enforce a technical balanced point of view:

Balanced point of view (BPOV): We welcome articles representing different sides of a technical solution or issue. Articles demonstrating critical thinking are encouraged; articles with personalized criticism or product "bashing" may be removed. We also welcome information about non-Microsoft technologies that are part of a solution involving Microsoft technologies. Articles should be technical, and not marketing, in tone.

If you find an article that violates the BPOV, please add this disclaimer at the top and contact the Community Council

Disclaimer: This article does not currently fit the guidelines for the TechNet Wiki’s balanced point of view. Articles that express a preference for a solution should avoid product “bashing.” Articles about non-Microsoft technologies should describe how they interoperate with Microsoft technologies. If this article is not revised within two weeks it may be deleted. We will attempt to contact the author.


What do they do?

What authority do they have?

Who are they?


Manage wiki infrastructure

Can undo changes made by moderators

Primary stakeholders


Provide general help to wiki users

Monitor their set of content. Especially important is updating product version after release. They, like editors, ensure overall quality.

Work on “Wiki” tagged articles to improve wiki experience in addition to their own content set

Engage in the TechNet Wiki forum.

Generally promote wiki and community health

Deleters: Can delete articles and spam comments

Can edit comments to indicate a fix or other update

Should moderate comments for the health of the community as well as for their own technology

Frequent contributors


Researchers. Monitor data stream in their content to look for improvements.  Do you need more code samples? Etc.



Create, maintain, and update articles

Consider most effective content type (article, video, etc.)



Ensure accuracy by making substantive comments, adding reviews and ratings

Help enforce BPOV


Technical Reviewer or Contributors (Wiki Editors)

There are two types of TechNet Wiki Editors:

  • The ones that plays a similar role of an Technical Reviewer or Contributors;
  • And the ones that plays the role of an Editor.

The “Technical Reviewer or Contributors” improved the article with new content or corrects it in technical terms by eliminating or correcting false statements, tagging them for better search, adding screenshots or alternative procedures therefor often requires deep technical knowledge. With this, they are improving and ensuring the overall quality of the article and putting it always updated with new content:

  • Provide important updates, such as version (especially from pre-release to released)
  • Maintain consistency
  • Create stub articles to fill gaps
  • Add graphics, reorganize, edit, add comments
  • Help enforce BPOV


Editors (Wiki Editors)

There are two types of TechNet Wiki Editors:

  • The ones that plays a similar role of an Technical Reviewer or Contributors;
  • And the ones that plays the role of an Editor.
The “Editor” plays a different role, they normally are looking at the shape or condition of the writing itself like poor structure and clarity. Generally they will focuses on the structure and flow of the work as a whole will:
  • Correct syntax errors like: spelling, punctuation or grammar;
  • They read the content and checks it for sense or clarity;
  • They make layout designs changes like: determining or unifying headline size and font;
  • Tagging articles for better search;
  • Avoid inadequate material and so on…
  • Help enforce BPOV




Monitor community for their area

Promote content

Look for content ideas to discuss with Microsoft content and product teams



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