Optimize your cluster with VMM2012

“In VMM2012, Dynamic Optimization replaces the host load balancing that is performed for Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) by the PRO CPU utilization and PRO Memory Utilization monitors in System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008 R2.”

VMM brought us a lot of new stuff. We will take a closer look at the optimization options this time.
We have ‘Dynamic Optimization’ and ‘Power Optimization’.

To support dynamic optimization, you must have a well configured cluster that also supports live migration.

For power optimization, the computers must have a baseboard management controller (BMC) that enables out-of-band management. (Power optimization is an optional feature of dynamic optimization).

So what`s the benefits here, and why should you care?
The answer is short: Server utilization.

My guess, is that if you`re interested in VMM2012, you already have a cluster in your environment/production. And as we stated earlier, your cluster must support Live Migration.

How do we enable Dynamic Optimization?

1. Navigate to the ‘Fabric’ and select a host group
2. Select ‘Folder’ and ‘Properties’
3. In the host properties, select ‘Dynamic Optimization’.
4. Check the ‘Automatically migrate virtual machines to balance load’

What next?
We should configure the resource thresholds for this as well, to define when the magic should kick in.

Dive into your fabric again, select your host group, and open its properties.
Here you`ll find the Resource Usage tab.

Configure the resources that are most suitable for your environment, and document your changes!

To configure Power Optimization, navigate to fabric, select host group, select properties, dynamic optimization, and enable Power Optimization.
Here you`ll be able to schedule the power optimization, and when the servers should power on/off.
In my case, I pretend that Wednesday is one important day for our business.

Yes this is server utilization, and yes, this is also another step stone for the cloud 'thing' to have your resources on-demand. Green IT and save yourself some money