Live Meeting-To-Lync: Support Strategy

Live Meeting-To-Lync: Support Strategy


This page is part of the Live Meeting-to-Lync Transition Guide (TechNet site).

Five Step Transition Plan

  1. Technical and Administration
  2. Support Strategy (this page)
  3. Pilot Testing
  4. End-User Readiness
  5. Awareness Planning

Support strategy refers to readying your help desk to support the transition to Lync. This includes training your help desk, providing troubleshooting resources and defining an escalation path for high-impacting issues.

Support Strategy Key Tasks*

  • Lync on-boarding
    • Educate your help desk on Lync features and troubleshooting
    • Define your escalation path between help desk tiers as well as Microsoft
    • Include support contact information in your communication plan to end-users
  • Live Meeting ramp-down
    • Review current Live Meeting support links/resources and update as appropriate to point to Lync resources 
    • Advise help desk of transition, support strategy, anticipated FAQs and timeline
* Download the transition planning workbook for a complete task list


Leverage these online resources to help drive your support planning activities. In addition, contact Live Meeting support if you have transition-related questions.

  • Lync Online (resources support current version)

    NOTE: If you are a BPOS-S customer, click here for additional information regarding your transition planning.

    Best Practice Recommendations

    • Maintain Live Meeting support resources/Lync support resources in tandem, until transition is complete. Be sure to clarify when to use which resource
    • Test support readiness as part of your pilot program
    • Include help desk agents in your pilot program to gain end-user experience

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