Live Meeting-To-Lync: End-User Readiness

Live Meeting-To-Lync: End-User Readiness

This page is part of the Live Meeting-to-Lync Transition Guide (TechNet site).

Five Step Transition Plan

  1. Technical and Administration
  2. Support Strategy
  3. Pilot Testing
  4. End-User Readiness (this page)
  5. Awareness Planning

End-user readiness refers to instilling end-user confidence throughout the transition. Readiness involves preparing your end-users to off-board Live Meeting and organizing a training plan to help quickly on-board Lync. With a wide variety of resources available, it is easy to design a training plan to best suit your users’ learning styles. In addition, many of our training resources are localized, enabling you to accommodate users around the globe.

End-User Readiness Key Tasks*

  • Lync on-boarding
    • Review available resources, determine which meet your organization’s needs, and customize based on your use case
    • Develop a training plan to guide your users through the Lync onboarding process
  • Live Meeting ramp-down
    • Remove references to Live Meeting training resources and links
    • Define end-user transition timeline and required tasks
* Download the transition planning workbook for a complete task list


Leverage these online resources to help drive your end-user readiness activities.

NOTE: If you are a BPOS-S customer, click here for additional information regarding your transition planning.

  • Best Practice Recommendations

    • Leverage learnings from pilot program to outline a transition task list for end-users
    • Customize your own training documents/classes
    • Utilize a variety of training methods to accommodate different learning styles
    • Index 3-5 top training resources in your training plan. Too many options may confuse users
    • Consider a two-phased training approach: train early adopters/pilot testers first, followed by a long-term, broad-reach training strategy

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