This page is part of the Live Meeting-to-Lync Transition Guide.

Five Step Transition Plan

  1. Technical and Administration
  2. Support Strategy
  3. Pilot Testing
  4. End-User Readiness
  5. Awareness Planning
  6. BPOS-S: Transitioning to Lync (this page)

Existing customers who have purchased Office Live Meeting and Office Communications Online as part of the Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS-S) will have access to Lync Online after completing the migration to Office 365. Lync Online combines instant messaging, presence, and online conferencing into a single, unified service. Office Communications Online will no longer be available to users after migration. Office Live Meeting will continue be available to users to enable them to complete previously scheduled meetings, and start using Lync Online for all future online meetings.

The content below contains tasks and resources specific to existing BPOS-S customers to assist you in your successful transition to Lync Online.

Prior to your Office 365 transition date

For guidance and resources to help ensure a successful end-to-end migration for all Business Productivity Online Standard Suite services to Office 365, please go to the Office 365 Transition Center.

Consult the Live Meeting-to-Lync Transition Guide to review the steps to plan and prepare for your Live Meeting transition. Because Office Live Meeting will continue to be available to users for a period of time after transition to Office 365, the additional tasks identified below are unique to BPOS-S customers to ensure planning and preparation to onboard to Lync Online and ramp down Live Meeting aligns with their Office 365 transition.
  • Key Technical & Administration Tasks: Consult the BPOS to Office 365 Transition checklist of administrators for the key actions required to set up Lync Online and ensure users are able to conduct previously scheduled meetings on Live Meeting after transition to Office 365.
  • Key Support Strategy Tasks: As part of your Support readiness plan, ensure your helpdesk is prepared to assist users with configuration steps each end user must take to configure Office Live Meeting as described under “Key End-User Readiness Tasks” below.
  • Key End-User ReadinessTasks: If users will need to join or modify any meetings on Office Live Meeting after migration to Office 365, each user must update the configuration for the Office Live Meeting client and Conferencing Outlook Add-in before transition. Steps are detailed in the BPOS to Office 365 Transition checklist of administrators under "Prepare for Live Meeting Transition".

After your transition to Office 365 is completed

Start using Lync Online for online meetings immediately after transition.