If you have upgraded your Windows Server 2008 R2 RD WebAccess server to Service Pack 1 (SP1) and open up the RD WebAccess page after that, you’ll notice a very small change on the RemoteApp Programs page. Suddenly there now is an option called “Optimize my experience for a LAN network when connecting to the computer or application”.

So what does that option do? A quick search on Bing only shows one result. A search with some other search engine (that starts with a G) doesn’t show more either.
So why is this option suddenly there and what does it do?

During the installation of SP1, the web.config file inside c:\windows\web\rdweb\pages is also being updated. The following lines have been added:

<add key="ShowOptimizeExperience" value="true" />
<add key="OptimizeExperienceState" value="true" />
You can use ShowOptimizeExperience to either show the option in RD WebAccess or not and you can use OptimizeExperienceState to force it being on or off.
So what is it used for? RemoteFX!

As RemoteFX is optimized for LAN connections, users must request a LAN connection to actually experience RemoteFX. That’s what the option is there for. It’s basically the same as custom RDP setting “connection type:i:6”.

Freek Berson