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These are policies created by the Community Council and other Wiki contributors to help ensure the quality of the articles on an open platform.

We update these policies based on feedback from the Wiki community. If you have comments please add them below.

·     Locking articles: We don’t lock articles. Locking is contrary to the Wiki goal of openness. Exceptions include the home page and a few administrative articles.              


·     Labeling content as official: We don’t label articles as “official.” This is contrary to the Wiki goal of allowing the value of an article to be determined by the Wiki community, and not by a label from Microsoft.


·     Deleting articles: We delete articles if they are spam. Spam is content that is abusive and adds no value. We may delete articles that violate the Wiki’s definition of balanced point of view (BPOV). These are articles that are marketing in tone or that exclude reference to Microsoft technologies. (See the complete definition of BPOV below.) The Community Council attempts to contact authors who violate the BPOV to revise the article and avoid deleting it.

These Wiki groups have delete privileges:

    ·   Community Council: Governing body (four MS and four non-MS members)

    ·   Advisory Board: Users and a few MS employees who are frequent contributors

    ·   Wiki administrators: MS employees who manage the wiki infrastructure

These groups consult each other before deleting an article. Articles that require further discussion are forwarded to the Council.

·    Balanced point of view (BPOV): “We welcome articles representing different sides of a technical solution or issue. Articles demonstrating critical thinking are encouraged; articles with personalized criticism or product "bashing" may be removed. We also welcome information about non-Microsoft technologies that are part of a solution involving Microsoft technologies. Articles should be technical, and not marketing, in tone.”


If you find an article that violates the BPOV, please add the following disclaimer at the top of the article and contact the Community Council:

Disclaimer: This article does not currently fit the guidelines for the TechNet Wiki’s because <add phrase>. Articles that express a preference for a solution should avoid product “bashing.” Articles about non-Microsoft technologies should describe how they interoperate with Microsoft technologies. If this article is not revised within two weeks it may be deleted. The Community Council will attempt to contact the author.

·    Terms of use: The TOU for the wiki is the same as for Microsoft blogs and forums, that is, use at your own risk.


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