Disabling the Antigen scan jobs

The Antigen scan jobs can be disabled to perform diagnostics or other testing by using the Enable Antigen for Exchange Scan option in the General Options pane. This selection box provides the following options:
  • Disable All
  • Enable Store Scanning
  • Enable Internet Scanning
  • Enable All
  1. To disable scanning, select Disable All and then click Save.
  2. Recycle the Antigen services for the change to take effect.

Stopping and recycling the Antigen services

By default, stopping the Antigen services does not stop the Exchange/SMTP services. You can therefore stop and restart Antigen without affecting Exchange. The Services Control Manager is used to recycle the Antigen services.


To stop and recycle the services
  1. Open the Services Control Manager by selecting Start -> Administrative Tools -> Services.
  2.  Stop the AntigenService service. (The other Antigen services will automatically be stopped along with AntigenService.)
  3. Wait for all services to finish shutting down.
  4. Use the Task manager to make sure that no Antigen processes are still running.

    All services should now be stopped.

  5. Start all Antigen services.

Warning: While the Antigen services are unavailable, e-mail will continue to be processed, but will not be scanned for viruses or spam.