Event ID 203 Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance

Event ID 203 Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance

Applies to : 

Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7  



Windows Operating System








Sample Message:

This service caused a delay in the system shutdown process:

StartTime 2011-05-31T13:03:06.081240100Z

  NameLength 10

  Name SQLWriter

  FriendlyNameLength 0


  VersionLength 0


  TotalTime 17781

  DegradationTime 13781

  PathLength 64

  Path "c:\program files\microsoft sql server\90\shared\sqlwriter.exe"

  ProductNameLength 0


  CompanyNameLength 0



This message informs the administrator that the computer shutdown process took longer than normal and was due to a specific system service or device driver.   System services are programs that load automatically as part of an application's startup process or as the operating system’s startup process to support the tasks that are required of the operating system. 

User Action

  1. Perform a clean boot in Windows. See KB 929135 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135
  2. Close the program before shutting down. It's possible that the problem occurs only if the program is running. Try closing the program before shutting down Windows, and then see if your computer turns off properly.
  3. Check with the manufacturer of the program or driver for an update. A newer version of the program might include a resolution to the problem.
  4. If the system service is a hardware device, disconnect all external hardware devices (except the keyboard and the mouse) before trying to shutdown. Also, update the drivers for the computer and check if that takes care of the wait time while shutting down the computer.
  5. Try to Enable half of the system services
In this step, you are trying to isolate which background service is causing the interference with the program. Start by turning half of the services on and turning half off.
  1.  Click Start  > type msconfig in the searchbox
  2.  Click msconfig in the search results
  3.  Click the Services tab, check theHide all Microsoft Services box, and then click to select half of the check boxes in the Services list, leaving the other half unchecked.
  4. Click OK, and when you are prompted, click Restart.

Determine whether the problem is resolved:

If the program works after you restart your computer, then you know that the interfering service is not among those services that were turned on. Therefore, it must be among those services that were turned off. If the program does not work after you restart the computer, then you know the interfering service may be among the services that were turned on.

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