Wiki: Non-English Language Title Guidelines

Wiki: Non-English Language Title Guidelines


Articles in the English language Wiki with non-English words in the title and/or body text should include the language code from the list below in parentheses as the last seven characters of the title, like this: "Wiki Article Title (it-IT)". Not only is this important so that the reader quickly knows what language the article is in when searching, but it also is necessary to avoid a bug where the non-English article "steals" the ability to have an English article with a similar name. We are not adding language codes to the titles of articles in the Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese versions of the Wiki, because the language of all articles in those Wiki's will be clear. 

NOTE: Please do not include "(en-US)" in the title of English articles. See Wiki Governance: Whether or Not "(en-US)" Should be Added to the Title of English Articles.

Also, you need to include the code as a tag at the bottom of the article. For example, the tag for an Italian article in the English language Wiki would be "it-IT". This is so that we can click the tag and see all the articles in that language (click the links below to see). Because readers can filter by multiple tags, this allows them to see only the articles in a tag list that are in a specific language and on a specific topic. Not only is this practice convenient for the people who read that language, but it is also necessary for when we migrate the files to a language-specific Wiki version.

Some of the codes below are linked to the tag pages that list out all the articles that use that tag (in other words, click the language code to see all the articles in that language):

Primary localization languages

Language Code
English en-US
Arabic ar-SA
Chinese - Simplified zh-CN
Chinese - Traditional zh-TW
Czech cs-CZ
Danish da-DK
Dutch nl-NL
Finnish fi-FI
French fr-FR
German de-DE
Greek el-GR
Hebrew he-IL
Hungarian hu-HU
Italian it-IT
Japanese ja-JP
Korean ko-KR
Norwegian (Bokmål) nb-NO
Polish pl-PL
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
Russian ru-RU
Spanish es-ES
Swedish sv-SE
Turkish tr-TR

Other languages

Language Code
Afrikaans af-ZA
Albanian sq-AL
Amharic am-ET
Armenian hy-AM
Assamese as-IN
Azeri (Latin) az-Latn-AZ
Basque eu-ES
Belarusian be-BY
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD
Bengali (India) bn-IN
Bosnian (Cyrillic) bs-Cyrl-BA
Bosnian (Latin) bs-Latn-BA
Bulgarian bg-BG
Catalan ca-ES
Croatian hr-HR
Estonian et-EE
Filipino fil-PH
French (Canada) fr-CA
Galician gl-ES
Georgian ka-GE
Gujarati gu-IN
Hausa ha-Latn-NG
Hindi hi-IN
Icelandic is-IS
Igbo ig-NG
Indonesian id-ID
Inuktitut iu-Latn-CA
Irish ga-IE
isiXhosa xh-ZA
isiZulu zu-ZA
Kannada kn-IN
Kazakh kk-KZ
Khmer km-KH
Kinyarwanda rw-RW
Kiswahili sw-KE
Konkani kok-IN
Kyrgyz ky-KG
Lao lo-LA
Latvian lv-LV
Lithuanian lt-LT
Luxembourgish lb-LU
Macedonia (FYROM) mk-MK
Malay (Brunei Darussalam) ms-BN
Malay (Malaysia) ms-MY
Malayalam ml-IN
Maltese mt-MT
Maori mi-NZ
Marathi mr-IN
Nepali ne-NP
Norwegian (Nynorsk) nn-NO
Oriya or-IN
Pashto ps-AF
Persian (Farsi) fa-IR
Punjabi pa-IN
Quechua quz-PE
Romanian ro-RO
Serbian (Cyrillic) sr-Cyrl-CS
Serbian (Latin) sr-Latn-CS
Sesotho sa Leboa nso-ZA
Setswana tn-ZA
Sinhala si-LK
Slovak sk-SK
Slovenian sl-SI
Tamil ta-IN
Tatar tt-RU
Telugu te-IN
Thai th-TH
Ukrainian uk-UA
Urdu ur-PK
Uzbek (Latin) uz-Latn-UZ
Vietnamese vi-VN
Welsh cy-GB
Wolof wo-SN
Yoruba yo-NG

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