Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) Content Map

Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) Content Map

Learn about WIF                                                 

If you are new to WIF, we recommend that you review the following announcements, introductory reference links and claims-related details provided in this section to learn more about this technology.   

Introduction to WIF

Overview of WIF

About Claims 

About Claims-Based Identity & Applications

Research WIF Solutions                                        

The following links can help you understand how WIF can work together with other technologies and products (both Microsoft and non-Microsoft) to provide single sign-on capabilities that span multiple boundaries and identity platforms. Note that several links in this section will jump you to community-created content that resides on web sites external to the TechNet Wiki.

Windows Azure Applications Platform

Windows Azure Appfabric Access Control Services (ACS)

Integration with Microsoft on-premises products 

Windows Identity Foundation (WIF)

Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

WIF and Windows Communications Foundation (WCF)

Design and Deploy WIF                                     

The following links can help you get started with planning and deploying a specific WIF design in your production environment. 

Plan and Design

Manage WIF                                                           

The following links can help you understand how to manage and administer an existing WIF deployment.  




/ Sign-out


Troubleshoot WIF                                                 

This following links can be used to help you locate the cause and resolution to common problems that may occur in your existing WIF infrastructure.   
Authentication / Authorization

Browser client errors



Installation / Setup



Logging / Tracing

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