Unable to Change Network Template using Getting Start Wizard on Forefront TMG 2010

Unable to Change Network Template using Getting Start Wizard on Forefront TMG 2010

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When try to run Getting Start Wizard in order to change the Network Template in a Forefront TMG that is an array member you receive the error message below:


This is an expected behavior and you can't use GSW (Getting Start Wizard) in this type of scenario.


As you cannot change the network template, you will need to manually change the Networks to reflect the correct topology. For example, if you have a 3 Leg TMG, you will need to change:

1. Network Relationship
  - Internal and Perimeter (usually it is Route)
  - Internal and External (NAT)
  - Perimeter to External (Usually it is NAT)

2. Make sure that the IPs for each Network don't overlap.
   - While defining the IPs, use Networks options / Add Adapter to add the IP range rather than manually entering the range.

3. Make sure that your publishing rules are correct after making the changes.

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